The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Clermont, Jack

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Items with "Clermont, Jack" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Across the Street
The Astonished Court
Away Down in Texas
The Baby that Cried
A Bad Man's Story
The Basket Crime
The Belle of the Plains
Between Fires
A Big Day's Work
Bootblack Jim; or, What a Boy Can Do If He Tries
The Boy Burglar, A True Story of a Western City
"Bread Upon the Waters"
A Brother's Sacrifice
Christmas at Satan's Luck
Corn-dodger Joe, The Story of the Bowlder Tragedy
Cushman's Luck, or, A Christmas Gift for Muddy Forks
A Dakota Blizzard
A Dangerous Pet
The Daughter's Revenge
A Dead Baby's Legacy
The Diamond Dagger
Dick, the Hero
A Dire Revenge
The Dude's Lay-out, The True Story of St. Charles
A Dumb Hero
An Expensive Joke
Faith Dixon's Ladder
The Father's Crime
For Another's Crime
A Game of Chance, An Episode of a Night in St. Louis
Getting Ahead of Herself
The Ghost of Dead Man's Luck
The Girl Engineer
The Girl Shadower
Her Father's Debt
A Highwayman's Christmas Gift
His One Mad Act
Indian Jake
An Indian's Heart
Joe Dayton's Thanksgiving
Joe's Last Victim
Joe's Thanksgiving
Kate Clayton's "Convictions"
The Kid's Last Deal
Kirkwood's Heaven
The Lassie With the Laughing Eye
The Leap for Life. An Old Engineer's Story
A Life for a Life
Lige Bracket's Charge
The Light of Dingle Flat
Little Nat
The Little Queen's Pluck
The Little Red Jockey
A Lively Fourth
Long Knife's Revenge
Luke Lamont's Sacrifice
A Matter of Conscience
A Memorable Fourth
The Miner's Valentine
My Pard Sam
The Nanticoke Romance
The North Fork Tornado
Old Nance's Devotion, The Story of a Hidden Crime
The Old Ranger's Story
Old Thunderbolt's Protector
"Only a Scab", A True Story of the Great Southwest Strike
Pards to the End
Paul Thorne's Scoop
The Pet Burglar
The Pet of Boomer's Gulch
The Price He Paid
The Promoter of Big Bear Flat: A Story of a Barrel of Mysteries
A Rash Girl's Life
A Red-Skin Hater, The Story of the First Settler of Rato
A Road-Agent's Big Haul
The Rosebud of Mad Run
A Ruse That Failed
Sallie's Beau
The Saving Beacon
The Secret Bank
Seeking His Fortune
The Sewing-Girl's Shadow
A Shot in the Dark, The Engineer's Story
The Silent Partner: The True Story of the Sunset Mine
A Slight Mistake
Sligsby's Sal
A Slippery Customer
A Snow-Slide in Idaho, A True Incident
A South Platte Heroine
Sowing Gold to Reap Diamonds
The Stolen Will
Sunshine's Shadow
Tempting Judge Lynch
Terence Flinn's Ride
Thad's Thanksgiving, An Episode of the Upper Niobrara
Thanksgiving at Poker Flat
That Preacher Chap, An Incident of Camp Curry
Those Three Children!
A Timely Warning
Tootin' Toots
The Tragedy at Afton
The Tramp's Find
Two New Year's Nights
The Unwelcome Avengers
What Jo Did and Didn't
What Mary Did, A Blue Grass Heroine Without a Pedigree
The White Horse and Rider, An Engineer's Story
A Wife's Devotion
The Winnebago Princess
Yankee Yank, A Leaf From New Lode City's Record

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Faith Dixon's Ladder
Joe Dayton's Thanksgiving