The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Austin, Jane G. (Jane Goodwin), 1831-1894

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Items with "Austin, Jane G. (Jane Goodwin), 1831-1894" as Credited Author

All Star Series

77. Queen Tempest

American Series

271. Queen Tempest

The Bijou Series

59. The Twelve Great Diamonds
74. It Never Did Run Smooth

Chimney Corner

Carrots, the Boston Newsboy

Idle Hour Series (Lupton)

4. The Twelve Great Diamonds
20. It Never Did Run Smooth

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

The Baron de Launay's Dressing-Case
The Bath of Fire
Black Man's Bend
The Cobra Head
The Countess's Diamonds
The House in the Wood
Mavis Branch
The Pirate of Cape Canavarel
The Red Ear
The Rose of Castle Connell
The Spanish Bride
The Sunken Treasure
The Wreck of the Kraken