The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Burdette, Robert J. (Robert Jones), 1844-1914

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Items with "Burdette, Robert J. (Robert Jones), 1844-1914" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Advice to a Young Man
Auld Acquaintance", "An
The Baby
Bravest of the Brave
City Lyrics
The Cricket
The Day We Do Not Celebrate
Dealings in Futures
The Doubter
Engineers Making Love
The Exodus
The Ghost
Gone With The Pins
Good Old Dan
In Medio Tutissimus
The Jester Sums Up
Lines to My Bed
The Lost Letter
Midsummer Days
The Mule
My Simple Fare
The Old Settler
Old Wine in New Bottles
An Orphan Born
Pastor and Flock
The Plaint of Jonah-1887
Sick Transit
The Song of the Fool
The Summer Shower
Ten to Seven
Then and Now
The Time of the Golden Rod
To Our Dog, in Slumber Wrapt
To Our Mother Country
Tra-La-La Loo
The Tramp
A Victim of Delusion

Beadle's Dime Speakers

The Coming Mustache
An Essay on Cheek
Leatherlung's Con and Pro
My 4th of July Sentiments

The Chicago Ledger

The Fox Hunt on Bold Mountain

New York Weekly

Bosbyshell Tries the Easy-Chair
A Congressional Episode
The Fox Hunt on Bold Mountain
Hawk-Eye Pungencies
The Movement Cure for Rheumatism
Mr. Jonakin Keeps House
The Pet of the Season