The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Smith, Julie P., -1883

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Items with "Smith, Julie P., -1883" as Credited Author

Madison Square Series

23. Widow Goldsmith's Daughter
30. Chris and Otho, the Pansies and Orange-Blossoms they Found in Roaring River and Rosenbloom
35. Ten Old Maids and Five of Them were Wise and Five of Them were Foolish
42. The Widower: also, A True Account of Some Brave Frolics at Craigenfels
48. The Married Belle; or, Our Red Cottage at Merrybank
59. His Young Wife: a novel
68. Courting and Farming; or, Which is the Gentleman?
71. Kiss, and Be Friends. A Novel
95. Lucy: a novel