The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Lyle, William

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Items with "Lyle, William" as Credited Author

A' For Mary (1 edition)
Andy's Echo (1 edition)
The Ballad of a Barber (2 editions)
The Gutter Hero (2 editions)
Just How It Is (1 edition)
The Lost Heart (2 editions)
A Mither's Tears (1 edition)
My Dearie (1 edition)
The North Kintree (1 edition)
The Race for Life (1 edition)
The Road Tae Thriving (1 edition)
A Scottish Ballad (1 edition)
A Song in the Heart (2 editions)
The Time of Bloom (1 edition)
Who is the Richest Man? (2 editions)
Why Shapest Thou at This World (1 edition)
Yon Hielan' Glen (1 edition)