The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Crowell, Al. W.

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Items with "Crowell, Al. W." as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

"Lost! Lost!"
"'Tis Then I Love Thee, Love, My Love!"
After Death
The After-Time
Am I Forgot?
The Ark-Dove
At Bitter Cost
At Death's Door
At Even
At Last
At Madonna's Feet
At the Foot of the Stair
At The Tomb
An Autograph
The Awaiting Heart
The Baby That Wasn't Mine
Be Not Regretful
A Bed-Time Reverie
A Blossoming Heart
By the River
Call Me
"The Child That Left Us"
The Child That Went Astray
The Convalescent
Daisy Bell
The Days to Come
A Dedication to the Works of Capt. Frederick Whittaker, The Prince of Novelists
The Dream
Early Montana Days
Empty Fetters
An Even-Song
A Fancy
A Farewell To An Old Friend
For Love's Sweet Sake
Fugitive Stanzas
The Garden Gate
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
An Havana Cigar
Hope's Goal
How He Found Her
How Love First Came
In the Summer-Land
A Knightly Romance
Last Plea to a Beloved
The Little Dead Baby Next Door
"Little Nugget"
The Lost Ledge
A Love Vagrant
Love's Lessons
Love's Prophecy
Love's True Times
"Love, It Is Well!"
"Lucky Faro Jack"
A Married Flirt
The Mercantile Traveler
The Miner Lad
Misspent Years- A Memory
Munro and Clara Anderson
My Love and I
My Petite
"O Tempora, O Mores!"
Ode to a Geyser
An Old Man's Recollections
On The Road With A Stone Bruise
One Call
One Dawning
One Day
One Vision
A Paean to the Hills
Pain For Me and You
The Poet's Song
A Prayer
A Remembrance Tear
A Remembrance
A Retrospect
"Room For Me and You"
Rose-Tree and Honie-Bee
Ruined Manhood
A Sartain Little Woman
A Scene
The Seasons
The Smile Upon Her Lips
Some Day
The Spirit Tunnel, A Queer Experience
The Storm
The Stream of Time
A Summer Rhapsody
"Sweet One Wi' the Limpid Eyes"
To a Literary Friend
To Thee I Love
Two Flirts
Two Lovers
What Shall I Sing Thee?
When I Have Wound Life's Bobbin
When Robins Sang
When We Do Love
A Whisper
With a Bouquet
Ye Plumber Arbitrates, A Meditation, Verbatim
Ye Plumner Arbitrates
Yea, 'Tis Best!

New York Weekly

Love and Cupid
"Peaceful Be Thy Sleep To-Night!"
The Wedding-Day