The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Greenwood, Lucius C.

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Items with "Greenwood, Lucius C." as Author

The Banner Weekly

"Beautiful Within"
A Winter Night
The Captive's Plea
Cupid Questioned
The Empty Frame
I Hoped
An Ideal
No Grandmamma
The Spell of Death
Waiting For The Morrow
The Wanderer To His Bride

The Saturday Journal

"Beautiful Within", I pray thee, oh, God, that I may be beautiful within – Socrates
A Buried Love
A Flower For You
A Garland
A Message
A Reflection
A Reverie
A Sigh
A Slighted Tryst
A Spring Song
A Tear in Sorrow Wept
A Tryst
A Warning
A Winter Night
An Enrapture
An Ideal
Astray (A Vision)
At the Ball
At The Lakeside
Baby Alice
Break Not The Spell
The Butterfly's Dream
Caged And Free
The Child and Lily
Cupid Questioned
Dawn of Day
The Empty Frame
Fall Tenderly, Roses
Forget Me
The Fountain's Voice
Friends and Lovers
Heart From Heart
I Am Not With You
I Hoped
In Summer Time
The Leafless Woods
The Lesson of the Days
Life's Sorrows
Love's Blossoms
Love's Ending
Manhood Came Between
Nature's Book
No Grandmamma
O'er the Bridge
Other Days
The Other Shore
The Patient Mother
The Pause Between
The Ship That Came Too Late
Song of the Grateful
The Songs We Sung
Spring's Awakening
Summer Days Are O'er
Then and Now
Thoughts of Love
Thy Voice
The Tie is Broken
To Augusta
Trailing Arbutus
Transient Joys
True and False
Under The Trees
United Affections
Until Then
Vain Love
Waiting For The Morrow
The Wanderer To His Bride
Woman's Eyes
Would Thou Couldst See