The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Greenwood, Lucius C.

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Items with "Greenwood, Lucius C." as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

"Beautiful Within"
The Captive's Plea
Cupid Questioned
The Empty Frame
I Hoped
An Ideal
No Grandmamma
The Spell of Death
Waiting For The Morrow
The Wanderer To His Bride
A Winter Night

The Saturday Journal

"Beautiful Within", I pray thee, oh, God, that I may be beautiful within – Socrates
Astray (A Vision)
At the Ball
At The Lakeside
Baby Alice
Break Not The Spell
A Buried Love
The Butterfly's Dream
Caged And Free
The Child and Lily
Cupid Questioned
Dawn of Day
The Empty Frame
An Enrapture
Fall Tenderly, Roses
A Flower For You
Forget Me
The Fountain's Voice
Friends and Lovers
A Garland
Heart From Heart
I Am Not With You
I Hoped
An Ideal
In Summer Time
The Leafless Woods
The Lesson of the Days
Life's Sorrows
Love's Blossoms
Love's Ending
Manhood Came Between
A Message
Nature's Book
No Grandmamma
O'er the Bridge
Other Days
The Other Shore
The Patient Mother
The Pause Between
A Reflection
A Reverie
The Ship That Came Too Late
A Sigh
A Slighted Tryst
Song of the Grateful
The Songs We Sung
A Spring Song
Spring's Awakening
Summer Days Are O'er
A Tear in Sorrow Wept
Then and Now
Thoughts of Love
Thy Voice
The Tie is Broken
To Augusta
Trailing Arbutus
Transient Joys
True and False
A Tryst
Under The Trees
United Affections
Until Then
Vain Love
Waiting For The Morrow
The Wanderer To His Bride
A Warning
A Winter Night
Woman's Eyes
Would Thou Couldst See