The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Seaver, Jane Gray

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Items with "Seaver, Jane Gray" as Credited Author

New York Weekly

'Twas Only Two Old Letters
Beatrice's Lover; or, Mrs. Rosevelt's Mistake
The Broken Vow; or, The Captain's Engagement
The Convict's Return
Crime and Repentance: The Story of a Private Mad House
Dreaming of the Past
Effie's Honesty; or, The Mistress of Coalgate Manor
Florence's Thanksgiving. A Temperance Tale
Gertrude's Misfortunes. A Temperance Tale
The Hidden Coffers; or, The Last of the Montroseans
Lost At The Bridal Hour
Love, Art and Deceit: A Tale of Italy and America
The Lover's Revenge; or, Two Years in a Mad-House
The Mariner's Return
May's Christmas; or, Righted at Last
The Millionaire's Home
The Miner's Bride; or, A Bold Stroke for a Fortune
Not Guilty. A Story of Woman's Vengeance
The Prophetic Vision; or, The Burring of the Hindoostan
The Romance of a Poet: Lost at the Bridal Hour
Rum Cursed
The Son's Crime; or, Aunt Hester's Christmas Ghost
Velma's Betrothal; or, John Hilton's Secret
Venie's Petition: A Temperance Tale
Waiting for Father
Wrong and Retribution