The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Dallas, Mary Kyle, 1830-1897

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Items with "Dallas, Mary Kyle, 1830-1897" as Credited Author

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

Eunice Earle; or, The Fatal Compact
91. The Toll-Gate Mystery
114. Grace Garrick; or, True Love and False
132. The Cuban Heiress; or, The Spectre of the Pines
156. The Unlucky House

The Bijou Series

61. The Cuban Heiress; or, The Spectre of the Pines

The Chicago Ledger

Mr. Badger's Life-Insurance

Chimney Corner Series (Lupton)

114. Grantford Grange; or, The Gipsy Mother
150. Abner Gault; or, The Hand of Fate

Demorest's Monthly Magazine

A winter in New York

Fifth Avenue Series

24. The Grinder Papers

The Fireside Library

Eve Holly's heart

Good News

Among the Fireworks
The Black Chest

Idle Hour Series (Lupton)

6. The Cuban Heiress; or, The Spectre of the Pines

Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series

332. The Cuban Heiress
335. Only a postal card

Leisure Hour Library, 3rd Series

73. The Devil's Anvil

New York Weekly

All for Love
Among the Fireworks
Among the Wolves. A Backwoodsman's Story
Annie and Her Hateful Gun
An Armless Husband
Aunt Betsy's Prediction
The Bachelors' Ward
Biddy's Success; or, Anything and Everything
The Billberry Papers
Black Minty
The Blue Room
Blunders of Neighbor Bobkins
The Boaker's Loaf: A Story For Children
Bonnibelle's Lovers. A Fairy Tale
The Borderer's Bride
Boy Love
The Bride's Death
Brother John's Conquest
Brother John's Fate
Caleb's Jealousy
The Court of Judgements
The Cuban Heiress; or, The Spectre of the Pines
Dan Holloway's Courtship
The Drover's Story
Election Day; or, She Would Vote
The End Of A Joke
Esther's Love Dream
The Fifth of June
The First of May
Forgiven at Last
The Golden Squire
Grandpapa's Birthday
The Grinder Papers
Grinder Papers: Second Series
The Hack-Driver's Story
A Hasty Match
The Haunted House
How I Became Jealous
How John Propitiated Mrs. Bliss
How Peter Tremor Lost His Wife
How We Furnished
How We Took A Boarder
Jonas' Thanksgiving
Kiss and Make Friends
Lesbia's Week's Work
Lilly's Lesson
The Little Travelers; or, The Golden Gates
The Maiden's Stratagem
The Miner's Wife
Mr. Badger's Life Insurance
Mr. Raspberry's Ruse
Mrs. Psalter's Old-Clo' Man
The Mysterious Baby
Nearly a Suicide
The Neglected Warning; or, The Trials of a Public School Teacher
Nurse Hetty's Ghost Story
Our Picnic
Peggy Ank
The Phantom Musquito. A Story of a Midsummer Night
The Quarrel
Records of the Gentlyticklem Association
A Shopping Experience
Silence Pearl
The Slowly Papers
Snowed In and Snowed Out; or, A Week at Pine Burn. A Story for the Little Folks
Sophy and Barbara
The Spaniard's Revenge
Speaking to Him
The Spoiled Child
A Spoiled Fourth of July
Wanted at the Cross Roads
What Came of "Taking a Drink"
What George Bently Found in his Stocking. A Love Story
What Mrs. Meggs Saw
Where Clover Was Found
Who Called on Nicholas Knox. A New Year's Eve Story
The Wife's Lesson

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Among the Wolves
Aunt Pamela's Adventure
The Borderer's Bride
Bread Upon the Waters
The Cuban Heiress; or, The Spectre of the Pines
Eunice Earle; or, The Fatal Compact
The Miner's Wife
Mrs. Ricketts' Baby
Nurse Hetty's Ghost Story
Sam Sparkle's Wooing
Silence Pearl
The Toll-Gate Mystery
Wanted at the Cross Roads

Select Series

27. Winifred
74. The Grinder Papers. Being the Adventures of Miss Charity Grinder.

Violet Series

24. The Cuban Heiress

Waldorf Series

21. Billtry: A Parody on Trilby