The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Burke, Roger, Jr.

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Items with "Burke, Roger, Jr." as Credited Author

Christmas Feasts (1 edition)
The Dawning (1 edition)
The Dewdrop (2 editions)
The Dying Wife (1 edition)
The Emigrant's Lament (1 edition)
Hymn (1 edition)
Intrinsic Worth (1 edition)
Laudamus (1 edition)
Long Ago (1 edition)
Lost Privileges (1 edition)
A Mother's Face (1 edition)
Nothing New (1 edition)
Sonnet (1 edition)
Three and Three (2 editions)
Tired, On a Picture of a Tired Child (2 editions)
What is the World? (1 edition)