The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Pastnor, Paul

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Items with "Pastnor, Paul" as Credited Author

A Branch of Apple-buds (1 edition)
A Casque o' Moonlight (1 edition)
Charc's 'Sperience (2 editions)
Charc's 'Sperience, A Humorous Sketch (1 edition)
Charc's Experience (1 edition)
Hearth and Home Ballads: The Old Homestead (1 edition)
The Legend of St. Asaph's (1 edition)
Love Song (1 edition)
A Mystery of the Sea (2 editions)
Psychomancy (1 edition)
A Race With a Wild Man (2 editions)
The Rain of the Seasons (2 editions)
Shooting a Ghost (1 edition)
The Specter Light, An Engineer's Story (2 editions)
The Specter of Legion Smith, A College Story (1 edition)
The Stone Witness (1 edition)
A Sweet-Brier Rose (1 edition)
The Thought (1 edition)
The Unfortunate Sneeze (1 edition)
Unsealed (1 edition)
The Young Year (2 editions)