The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stephens, Ann S. (Ann Sophia), 1810-1886

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Items with "Stephens, Ann S. (Ann Sophia), 1810-1886" as Cited Author

Myra, the Child of Adoption

Items with "Stephens, Ann S. (Ann Sophia), 1810-1886" as Credited Author

Ahmo's Plot (3 editions)
An Armful of Oven Wood (1 edition)
Bellehood and Bondage (2 editions)
Bertha's Engagement (1 edition)
Bought With a Price (1 edition)
The Charity Scholar (1 edition)
The Curse of Gold (1 edition)
A Dangerous Woman (1 edition)
David Hunt (2 editions)
Doubly False (2 editions)
Esther. A Story of the Oregon Trail (3 editions)
Falsely Accused (2 editions)
Fashion and Famine (3 editions)
The Gold Brick (1 edition)
The Heiress (2 editions)
The Indian queen (2 editions)
The Lady Mary (2 editions)
Lord Hope's Choice (2 editions)
The Love that Saved Him (1 edition)
Mabel's Mistake (1 edition)
Mahaska, the Indian princess (2 editions)
Malaeska, the Indian wife of the white hunter (4 editions)
Married By Mistake (1 edition)
Married in Haste (1 edition)
Mary Derwent (2 editions)
Myra, the Child of Adoption (16 editions)
A Noble Woman (1 edition)
Norston's Rest (1 edition)
The Old Countess. Sequel to Lord Hope's Choice (1 edition)
The Old Homestead (1 edition)
Palaces and Prisons (1 edition)
The Reigning Belle (1 edition)
The Rejected Wife (1 edition)
Rock Ruin; or, The Daughter of the Island (4 editions)
Ruby Gray's Strategy (1 edition)
Silent Struggles (1 edition)
The Soldier's Orphans (2 editions)
Sybil Chase (8 editions)
The Wife's Secret (2 editions)
Wives and Widows (1 edition)