The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Tracy, J. Perkins (James Perkins), 1853-1915

Pseudonyms: Dale, Henry, Capt., U.S.A.; Kennon, Beverley; Self-made man, 1853-1915

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Items with "Tracy, J. Perkins (James Perkins), 1853-1915" as Cited Author


61. Phil Stirling's Ride for Life; or, The Charge of the Fire Zouaves
65. On Guard; or, Phil Stirling's Peril

Red, White and Blue Library

4. Phil's Secret Commission; or, The Adventure at the Old Stone House
6. Trooper Phil's Pluck; or, The Desperate Ride for Life
8. Phil at Bull Run; or, The Charge of the Fire Zouaves
10. Trooper Phil's Peril; or, Within the Enemy's Lines
12. Phil on Guard; or, The Post of Honor
14. Trooper Phil's Furlough; or, A Hero in Spite of Himself
16. Phil in Camp; or, Merry Pranks by Boys in Blue
18. Trooper Phil in Prison; or, Held by the Enemy
20. Phil at Bay; or, True Yankee Grit
23. Trooper Phil's Ruse; or, With Grant in Tennessee
24. Phil's Daring Feat; or, The Mystery of a Disguise
48. Trooper Phil's Risk; or, From Defeat to Victory
52. Trooper Phil at the Capitol; or, A Promotion Well Earned
58. Phil's Desperate Fix; or, Within an Inch of His Life

Items with "Tracy, J. Perkins (James Perkins), 1853-1915" as Credited Author

Clover Series

67. Shenandoah

Eagle Library

32. The Blockade Runner
37. The Heart of Virginia
65. Won by the Sword
87. Shenandoah

Flag Series

9. The Heart of Virginia
11. The Blockade Runner
13. Won by the Sword
14. True to the Flag

The War Series

1. Shenandoah. A Story of Sheridan's Great Ride