The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Thompson, Bert L.

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Items with "Thompson, Bert L." as Author

The Banner Weekly

The "Ornery" Jack
"S.R.I." or, A Friend in Need
"Your Majesty"
The Accursed Nugget
Among the Grizzlies
The Antelope Goat
As It Happened, A Mountain Incident
As the Carpenter Told it
As the Trapper Told It
Breaking the Blockade
Caesar Brown's Doings
Clearing the Camp
The Coward of the Camp; or, A Hero in Spite of Himself
A Cowboy's Fun
Dear Old Jack
Doan's Find
A Double Recovery
The Double-Horned Elk
The Dream Nugget
Dutchy's Dulcinea
The Ex-Sport Talks
The Five Fishers
"Float" But Nothing Else
The Flooded Mine
Freaks on Engines
From Foes to Friend
The Gambler of Guinea Gulch
Game and Guide
The Green Reporter's Luck
A Hard Day
A Horse's Crime
How He Paid His Fare
How He Saved a Friend
How the End Came
Hunting the Bighorn
The Ice Tomb
Imprisoned in Ice
Job Crandall's Strike
Kreps's Secret
The Last Chance Well
A Life for a Lead
The Lineman's Story
A Lonely Winter
Long Horns on the Rampage
A Lucky Strike
The Lucky-Unlucky Nugget
A Man's Hate
The Method of His Madness
A Mistaken Sacrifice
A Mountain Episode
Mountain Lion or Mouse?
A Mountain Mystery
My Friend, the Flagman
A Mysterious Break
Natural Gas Notes
The New Partner
No. 47, An Engineer's Story
Of No Account Jim
Old Gimlet Eyes, A Story of the Couer D'Alene Boom
Old Grizzle's New Start
Old Gruff
On an Iceberg
Out and In Again
Partners to the End
Phantom Footsteps
A Pitiful Ending
Poor Cribbetts
Queer Night Visitors
A Race with a Cyclone
A Redwood Ride
A Sailor's Perilous Climb
Sandy Blake's Secret
Scared to Death
The Secret of the Chest
The Secret of the Mountain
Smashup's Partner
Snowed In
A Strange Prison
Stumpy Trane's Partner
A Texan Mine
The Thirteenth Man
The Tragedy at Blifkins's Bar
A Tragic Hunt
Tried by Love and Hate
Truefitt's Claim
Twenty Years' Probation
Two Bosses
Two Good-for-Naughts
Two Linemen
An Underground Swim, The Story of Daggett's Hollow
An Unlucky Day
The Valley of Doom
The Watchman's Clock
The Way It Was Settled
What a Cyclone Did
A Woman's Handkerchief

The Saturday Journal

"S.R.I." or, A Friend in Need
A Coal Miner's Story
A Girl in the Case, A Story of Weymouth County
A Hero at Last
A Tough Time
A Waterspout Cure
A Western Man-Hunt
Badly "Sold"
The Case of Blaine Dolmer
Corraling the Wrong Game
Dismal Dirke
Dolores's Secret
The Dustdown Diamonds
Fishing on the Loup
Greater Love Than a Brother's
The Last Chance Well
A Lucky Strike
Mr. Tripp's Money
Mr. Tulip
Mrs. Dibbs's Burglar
A Redwood Ride
Sharp and Sharper, Adirondack Adventure
A Texan Mine
Weddell's Fortune