The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - The Ex-Reporter

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Items with "The Ex-Reporter" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

The Air Bear Dance, Old Quick's Ruse
All About Spurs
The Bad-Luck Cat
Battle With an Octopus
Boarding Elephants
Bound to Eat That Man
Buffalo Bill's Own Story
Captain Scott's Coon
Circus Riders in Winter
A Cold Country
Colorado Stage Stories
Dakota Girl Farmers
The Diver's Peril
Ed. Gilliam's Story
A Fearful Run, An Old-Timer's Story
A Fight with Pirates
Fish Stories
Flying Without Wings
Forests of Stone
The Game Cannot Be Beaten
The Genuine Sea Serpent
Going on the Stage
Gone Inside
The Grateful Bear, The Pelt-Gatherer's Statement
The Great Duck Paradise
Heaving the Lead
A Hot Hunt
An Hour in a Bar-Room
How He Lost His Fingers
How Sol Coaxed the Bear
How to Camp
A Huckleberry Coon Hunt
Hunting the Man-Eater
In a Coal Mine
Jack-Rabbit Chase in Texas
Jonah's Story
The King of the Plains
Knocked Out by a Fish
Life in Death Valley, Uncle Sam's Wonderful Collection of Reptiles
Magic and How to Exercise It
Mick Finn's Invintion
The Midnight Bell
Morgan's Blizzard
The Mysterious Stranger
A New Fashioned Girl
New Tricks of Faro
A Night with Rattlesnakes
Ocean Specters
The Old Showman's Story
An Oysterman's Gossip
Playing Marbles
Plenty of Big Game
Poison in Tobacco
A Polite Road-Agent
Poor Tom Farrelly!
Pugilists' Hands
The Quickest Ride on Record
Rattlesnake Tom
A Remarkable Era
The Road-Agents' Terror
Sailor Chat
Sailors Are Not Swimmers
Sailors' Fancies
Salting Gold Mines
Shots in the Dark
The Sioux was Enjoying Himself
Something New About Snakes
Stories of a Naturalist
Strange Ocean Caverns
Tales of the Gold Camps
A Terrible Man
Towed by a Big Shark
The Trapper's Last Fight
The Trooly Excloosive
Two Bear Stories
Two Remarkable Dogs
Under the Sea: An Old Coral Diver's Talk
What "Liquors" Are
The Yuma Desert Horror, Col. M'Carthy's Adventure

Beadle's Dime Dialogues

Pat Answers The Advertisement
A Perfectly Veracious Man; or, The Montana Man On Blizzards
A Report of the Affair

The Saturday Journal

Fish That Groan and Cry
Hunting the Swordfish
Mr. Superintendent's Test, A Story of the Melbourne Police
The Peon of New Mexico
Shooting Porpoises
Tough Fight With a Lynx
A Veritable Syren
The Wonders of Cobwebs