The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - King, Jo

Pseudonym For: Bellaw, A. W. (Americus Wellington), 1842-1916

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Items with "King, Jo" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

"How Big Was Alexander, Pa?"
All Things For Some Good
The American Nabob Abroad
Another Tragedy
Arithmetical Love
At The Circus
At The Show
The Average Modern Traveler
The Babes in the Woods
A Bad Dinner
Beans Forever!
Betsey And I Are out Again
A Big If
Big Injun Over The Rhine
The Blacksmith's Love
The Blarney Stone
The Boston Tea, A True Verse-ion
Brownsmith: His Wife
Chinese Love Song
A Chinese Love Song
Choosing A Wife
A Christmas Dinner
Cinderella; or, The Wooden Shoes
The Closing Season
A Common Case
Conjugal Conjugations
Cook-oo Tones From the Kitchen
The Country Dance
Courting In The Country
Cross-Eyed Bill
Deacon Gray and Widow Greer
The Dentist
Did The New Year Come Last Night?
A Dime's Worth
A Dinner
Don't Look Too Strong
The Door-Fiend
The Dude and Dudine
Epitaph on a Dead Fisherman
A Familiar Epistle
A Fashionable Wife
A Fast Friend
A Fat Sweetheart
The Fiddler
The Figures of Poetry
The Finding of the Glove
A Foggy Day In The City
The Footprint by the Sea
The Fox and the Grapes
A Friendly Visitor
A Game of Hearts
A Gentle Kiss
The Gifts I Gave My Love
The Girl at the Picnic
The Girl That Jilted Me
The Girls
Going Home From Singing-School
Going To Church
A Good Day
A Good Memory
The Good Old Times
Grandfather's Rocking-Chair
Growing Old
A Growl
A Happy-Taph
The Hatter to Harriet
A Heavy Cold
Her Fan
Her Hand
Her Handkerchief
The Hidden Sorrow
Home From Church
Home From the Springs
A Humorous Man
A Hundred Years Ago
A Hundred Years From Now
The Hungry Heart
Hymn to My Fire
I Would I Were A Boy Again
In Bad Company, An old story re-newed
In Winter
Jockey-Lar Jingles
Jones Marries For Love
Jones Stutters
Jones's Love Trials
A Kickapoo Foot
Kitchen Poetry
Lament of the Undertaker
The Lawyer's Plea
A Leeric
The Lightning-Rod Man
A Little Difference
A Little Off
Look Behind, As Well As Before
Love in Absence
Love's Changes
Love. A Rhapsody
A Lover's Poem
Married Too Young
A Model Boy
Moneyless Jones
Moral and Physical Suasion
A Moral Lesson
The Morning Fire
Mr. Dozer's Better-Half
Much Struck
Muses in the Country
My Brother Jim
My Cynosure
My First Cigar
My First Coat
My First Declamation
My First Knife
My Fortune
My Old Arm-Chair
My Study
My Sweet
My Sylvan Sylph
My Wife to Be
Never Home In Time
Never Marry A Man When He's Broke
The New Baby
Newton and the Apple
Not The Pipe Of Peace
An O-bit-uary
Obed Snipkins
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe
The Old-Fashioned Chat
Old-Time Courtship
On A Tooth
On Hand
An Old Umbrella
On Some More Hash
The Other Village Black-Smith
Our Girls
Our Landlady
Over the Way
Overstrained Indifference
Owed To Niagara
Particularly Optical
Passun Mooah's Surmount
Pay As You Go
Peculiarly Patriotic
People With the Small Complaint
Perseverance, or The Climbing Spider
A Physician's Prescription Carefully Confounded
The Picnic
Pilkins' Landlady
A Pleasant Drive on the Road
Poddle About The House
Poddle Comes Home With A Cigar
Poddle Smokes
Poddle Talks To His Wife (Who Is Sound Asleep)
A Poet Loose
Poetic Feet
A Postrophe to the Sea
The Pottery Craze
A Pretty Good Man
The Pretty Grass-Widow
The Prodigal Son
Quiet Lodgings
Red Riding Hood
A Remarkable Couple
The Sailor's Ditty
A Saloonatic
Sarah Ann
A Sea-Sighed Idyl
A Seasonable Song
Seeing Her Home
Selected Epitaphs
A Serenade
A Serene Worshiper
A Serious Case
The Sexton's Dogmatics
A Shoe By The Wayside
Sleep, Respectfully Invited
The Sleigh-Ride
Slightly Tremulous
Snider's Happiness
The Soldier
Soliciting For The Heathen
Solon Skugg's Wife's Aunt
Some Epitaphs
Some Feet
Some Smooth Lines
Some Spring Songsters
Somewhat Hoarse
A Song for A Songstress
A Sorrowful Leeric
The Sorrows of Brown
A Spring Lay
A Square Acher
A Tearful Tragedy
A Tennysonian Don't
A Terrible Revenge
That Awful Boy
That Little Baby Around The Corner
That Morning Gong
That Pretty Pug Nose
That Serenade Last Night
Things Are Not What They Seem
Tim's Love-Letter
To A Deceased Feline
To A Mummy In A Museum
To A Rooster
To A Young Man
To The Point
The Tonsorial Artist
Too Much Sweetness
Too Philanthropic
Too Sure
Too Utterly Too Sad
A Tress of Hair
The Trombone
Turning the Grindstone
Twenty Minutes for Dinner
Twenty Years
The Two Foxes
The Two-Cent Stamp
A Valentine
Verses and Reverses
The Village Deacon
The Village Gossip
Washington's Birthday
A Weak Appetite
Well Off
What Doth The Girl of Fashion Do?
What is Home Without a Mother
Why Is It?
Why They Couldn't Agree
Wigginson Speaks
A Winter Ball
A Woman With The Headache
The Wooden Legs, An Arkansas Rhyme
Young Greencorn's Farewell to the Sea
Zoologic Logic
Zoologic Logic

The Saturday Journal

Pay As You Go
The Sexton's Dogmatics
Some Epitaphs

Items with "King, Jo" as Credited Translator

The Banner Weekly

Homer's First Poem