The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Johnson, H. H.

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Items with "Johnson, H. H." as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Answering Prayer
Apostrophe to the American Flag
The Apple-Paring "Bee" of Olden Times
The Auld Wife is Gone
Aunt Keziah Entertains the New Preacher
The Backwoods Preacher
Be Kind to Mother
The Blind Girl
Carrie and I
The Charity Sermon
The Christian Pauper's Funeral
Christmas Eve at Farmer John's
A Christmas Eve Reverie
A Christmas Gift to Christ
The Church Quarrel
The Church Trial
The Country Editor
Courage Subdued
Dan Peyton's Ride to Death
The Dandy
The Dead Baby
Death of the Old Year
The District-School Meeting
Don't Strike A Man When He's Down
Don't Talk When You Have Nothing To Say
Don't Worry
Dot Baby
The Dream of the Drunkard's Child
A Dream
The Dying Pauper
The Dying Sioux Chief
The Events of a Night
Every Dog Must Have His Day
The Faithful Dog
Farmer John Compares the Old with the New in Education
Farmer John Decides to Join the Masons
Farmer John Determines to Have a Lawsuit
Farmer John in the Telegraph Office
Farmer John on Children's Day
Farmer John on Evolution
Farmer John on Foreign Missions
Farmer John on Infidelity
Farmer John on Progress
Farmer John Talks About His Neighbors
Farmer John Tells About the Boy Preacher
Farmer John Tells About the Preacher's Young Wife
Farmer John Tells His Wife of His Visit to Saratoga
Farmer John's Advice To His Son
Farmer John's Experience
Farmer John's Family Jar
Farmer John's Lawsuit
Farmer John's Lawsuit is Settled
Farmer John's Philosophy
Farmer John's Plea
Farmer John's Theology
Farmer Oldstyle Tells About the Sunday-School
The Fate of Sir Thomas Turkey
The Fight At Mud Holler
Fireside Ballad: The Dying Sioux Chief
Fireside Ballads: John and Sary's New Year Resolutions
Fireside Ballads: The Little, Half-worn Shoe
The First Easter
The Fisherman
For an Album
Forty-Four To-Day
A Fragment
From Shore to Shore
The Gay City Hop-Picker
The Girl Of My Choice
Give a Lift!
A Good Cigar
Grandfather's Christmas Story
Grandfather's Story
The Handwriting on the Wall
The Henpecked Husband
Here and There
The Hired Girl
Hiring the Teacher
Hop-Picking Time
How Farmer John Was Surprised
How to Write Poetry
How We Paid For The Passage
The Huskin' Bee
"I Told You So"
I'm Sick of the City, Sary
If Things Were as We'd Like Them
Independence Day
It Snows
It's a Long Lane That Has No Turn
John Proposes to Sell the Farm and Live a Life of Ease
John's Description of the Christmas Tree
John's Wife Objects to the Masons
The Kiss at the Gate
A Lady's Hat
The Last Payment is Made
A Laugh
Lazy Joe
Leaning on the Gate
Life's Mission
Life. A Sketch
A Little Woman's Mission
A Little Woman
The Man With the Iron Will
Mary Ann's Strategy
The Methodist Hotel
My Desire
My First Schoolma'am
My Neighbor's Wife
My Pipe
My Wife
Native Land
Never Despair
The New Minister
The Night Operator
The Night Telegraph Operator
Old 'Bijah Day
The Old Brindle Cow
Old Friends
The Old Gray Horse
The Old Man and His Wife Must Part
The Old Organ
The Old Schoolmaster's Vision
The Old-Time Spelling-School
The Old-Time Stage Coach
The Old-Time Stage-coach
One Little Word
One Tramp
Only One Killed
Paddy O'Toole and Biddy McGee
Pandora's Box
The Parson and the Skunk
The Parson's Vacation
The Pharisee's Prayer
The Phrenological Lecture
Preaching and Practice
The Pretty Girl Graduate
Purpose of Man's Creation
The Quilting Bee
The Railroad Conductor
The Railroad Depot-Master
The Railroad Engineer
The Railroad Freight Brake-man
The Raising of Lazarus
The Red-Haired Girl
A Reflection
A Retrospect
Riding Down Hill
Sally Simmons and Peter Platner
Santa Claus's Trip
A Scene in School
A School Reminiscence
The School-Ma'am's Confession
The School-Meetin'
The Seaside Young Widow
Selling the Cow
She Died of a Broken Heart
Show Pity
Sitting with the Girls
The Sleigh-Ride
The Society Queen
The Soldier's Widow
The Spring of the Hillside
Starving Nebraska
The Successful Physician
The Surprise Party at Abner Bly's
Susan Jane and Josiah
Tearing Down the Old House
The Ten Plagues of Egypt
"They Say"
The Thick-Headed Dunce
Those City-Bred Cousins
Tom Brown
Trail of Abraham's Faith
The Tramp's Story
The True Gentleman
The Village 'Squire
The Village Choir
The Village Parson
The Village Scandal
The Wanderer's Return
We're Growing Old Together
We're Grownin' Old Together Tom
What Can I Do?
What I Hate
What I Love
What is Death?
What is Life?
When We Were Happy Children
Who Took Him
Why I Never Married
Why Is It?
Why Some People Give
The Widow Green's Surprise-Party
Winter's Pleasures
The Witness's Dream
Woman's Mission
Ye Hop-Picker

New York Weekly

Woman's Mission

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Don't Worry
The Thanksgiving Sermon

The Saturday Journal

The Dandy
The Dead Baby
The Gay City Hop-Picker
Hearth and Home Ballads: Bereaved
Hearth and Home Ballads: Farmer Ferry
Hearth and Home Ballads: Hop-Picking Reminiscences
Hearth and Home Ballads: John As Peacemaker, John tells how Jake Green and his Wife are out by Johnson
Hearth and Home Ballads: John's Description of the Donation
Hearth and Home Ballads: John's Description Of The Fair
Hearth and Home Ballads: John's Discourse on Human Nature
Hearth and Home Ballads: John's Talk About Churches
Hearth and Home Ballads: John's Talk About Politics
Hearth and Home Ballads: Kate Marcley's Ride To Death
Hearth and Home Ballads: Old Jones
Hearth and Home Ballads: One Golden Wedding
Hearth and Home Ballads: Phebe and John
Hearth and Home Ballads: Shaking Hands
Hearth and Home Ballads: The Country Schoolmaster, Not a fair sample, but an isolated case
Hearth and Home Ballads: The Little Brown House In The Valley
Hearth and Home Ballads: The Old and the New, Farmer John's View of Religion
Hearth and Home Ballads: The Old Man To His Wife
Hearth and Home Ballads: The Old Man's Story
Hearth and Home Ballads: The Village School-Mistress
Hearth and Home Ballads: Two Soldiers' Letters
Hearth and Home Ballads: We Must Leave The Old Home, Mary
A Little Woman's Mission
On Affectation
A Rainy Day
When The Frost Is On The Punkin