The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Keller, H. S.

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Items with "Keller, H. S." as Author

The Banner Weekly

The Accursed Nugget
Adown the Dusky Dingle
After All These Years; or, The Christmas Visitor of Flush Deck
Belcher's Experiment
Big Ben's Phantom
The Big Nugget of Bottom Card
The Big Nugget
Bjinks as Amateur Photographer
The Bjinks Baby is Named
A Blow for a Blow
Blue Bludsoe's Pard
Boliver Bill
A Bunch of Daisies
The Champion Twist
Charlie's Week in Hades
Cooking the Christmas Turkey
D'Yer Think Thar's a Chance Fur my Pard
Dan Larkins's Luck
The Darktown Duel
Dave Towner's Redemption
The Demon Trout
Do They Do So In Mars?
Doctor Cardigan's Subject
Down by the Willows
The Dude of Tip Top
Eke Harte's Nugget
Elegant Joe
Faces of Other Days
The Fair Champion of Durango
Farmer Brown's Story
Forty-Fives' First Sensation
The Founders of Hard Pan
The Frozen Brooklet
The Girl Who Never Wed
The Gutter's Prey
He Tried His Own Case
His Revenge
An Honest Thief
How a Cowboy Won a Wife; or, The Mystery of the Cattle-Pen
How Andy Raised the Mortage
How Dave Kept His Word
How Si Made a Fool of Himself
The Human Dynamo
A Human Nugget
In a Garden Fair
Jack Pot In A Flat
Jack's Home-Coming
Jones's Vacation
The Last of the Beggs
Lem Shaw's B'ar Meat; or, Christmas at Bottom Card
Locating the Claim
The Lone Pards of Flush Deck
The Luck Nugget of Bottom Card; A Mining Episode
Make Your Game
The Man Fly
A Man of Many Parts
The Mascot of Hellbender
The Mayor of Fancy Free
A Midnight Tussle
The Miner's Valentine
Mother's Darling
My Lady Comes
My Old Pard's Story
My Unseen Companion
Not Free From Temptation
Not the Tenderfoot He Looked
The Old Cider Mill
Old Gray
The Old Lady by the Window
Old Sykes, A Christmas Story
The Pards of Freeze Out Bar
The Phantom Kiss
Phantoms in the Smoke
The Pin in the Vein
The Poet of Cinnabar
The Pride of Oatley's Bar
The Prize Rifle
Pumpkin Pies
Queen of Hearts
Raising the Church Debt
The Red Rustler
Rise of the Weekly
The Rival Wrestlers
The Roguish Maiden
Saffron Sall
Saints' Rest
Saturday And No School
The School in Hard Pan
Silvery Locks
Simplex as an Editor
Simplex Opens a Museum
A Skeleton's Cache!
Some Other Day
The Sorter Man Jim Is
Spellin' Down the School
The Statue of Windy City
Swipsey's Christmas Leg
Tackling a Fire-Extinguisher
Thanksgiving in Flush Deck
The Tie of Blood
To Leona
To One I Love
To the Memory of David Adams
Too Much Alike
The Tragedy of Coeur D'Alene
The Two Pards of Pan Out
Under the Shadows of Old Shasta
Under the Woodland Tree
The Unwelcome Boarder
"Vengeance is Mine"
The Vigilantes of Flush Deck
Wait Till Home is Far Away
Warp and Woof
Was't All in Vain?
We Were Friends
Wee Willy
What Cares the World?
What Matters It?
When One Says "No"
Winning the Golden Bars
A Woman's Vengeance
A Wonderful Shot; or, The Thanksgiving Hero
The Worst Man in Lone Pine

The Saturday Journal

A Saddened Thought Investing
A Victim of Calumny
A Woman's Heart
The Barque Of Love
Buttercups and Daisies
Hetty's Lovers
The Little Spring-House In The Orchard
Not the Tenderfoot He Looked
The Shadow In The Stream
Some Other Day
Song Of The Sunbeam
What Matters It?