The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Adeler, Max

Pseudonym For: Clark, Charles Heber, 1841-1915

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Items with "Adeler, Max" as Credited Author

Beadle's Dime Speakers

The Case of Young Bangs
Mrs. Jones's Pirate
Running for the Legislature

The Chicago Ledger

The Belisle Family Trouble
The Facts About Our Cow
Miss Blazer
Mr. Phipps' Hen
Mr. Potter's Courtship
Mrs. Dobbs' Letters
Mrs. M'Gann
Mrs. Whooper's Affliction
The Mystery at Stainers
A Picnic Experience
She Seemed Willing
Stump’s Political Career
The Troubles of a Poet
An Unemotional Man
What Young Mr. Duncan Wanted
Wholesome Diet

New York Weekly

An Accidental Shot
The Affair At Cooley's
An Awful Dilemma
Beck's Death
Big Discoveries in Science
A Big Thing
Brown's Aunt
A Business for Jimmy
Butterwick's Aunt
Butterwick's Pig
A Case of Professional Jealousy
The Cause of the Difficulty
The Code of Honor
A Cure for Neuralgia
The Deacon Stopped Him
The Dicksons
Gibbs's Plug
He Didn't Understand
He Is Dead Now
A High-Priced Horse
How He Fooled Her
The Injury Done To Gunn
Jim Ridley's Luck
Justice for the Old Man
Kirby's Ghost
The Late Mrs. Pidgeon
Local News
Love's Young Dream
The Milkman's View
Misrepresenting George
Mr. Mullens' Cats
Mr. Ott's Adventure
Mrs. Gummey's Indignation
Mrs. Pidgeon
Naming the Twins
Not Simply For Love
Not That Kind Of A Man
The Orpheus Club
Our Last Dog
Partridge's Farm
Partridge's Secret Sorrow
A Persecuted Candidate
Pillsbury's Boy
A Sensational Story
She Wanted Potts
She Was Too Secretive
Something in the Bed
Stump's Political Career
They Laughed
Thing's Generally: The Lorberry Watermelon
Thing's Generally: The Pan-Handle Route
Things Generally: A Model Department
Things Generally: A Poetic Difficulty
Things Generally: A Terrible Affliction
Things Generally: Bang's Poet
Things Generally: He Scorned a Bribe
Things Generally: He Went By The Almanac
Things Generally: Mr. Dunner
Things Generally: Mr. Fuller's Flame
Things Generally: Mr. Sniffin's Opossum
Things Generally: Our Patent Pavement
Things Generally: Peter Lamb's Bet
Things Generally: She Had Moved
Things Generally: She Seemed Willing
Things Generally: She Wanted Relief
Things Generally: Taking His Life
Things Generally: The Cosmogony of Moses
Things Generally: The Gooch Case
Things Generally: The Imperishable Sausage
Things Generally: The National Portrait Gallery
Things Generally: The Reformed Method of Studying History
Things Generally: The Surprise Party at Potter's
Things Generally: They Were Generally
Things Generally: Too Much of a Bath
Things Generally: What Young Mr. Duncan Wanted
Things Generally: Why Smoot Was Out
Too Much Innovation
A Toothpick Venture
The Trouble She Had
Tucker's Steam Pump
The Tune Mr. Baker Liked
Why He Sighed
Why Pidgeon Bought That Horse
The Wrong Woman

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

The Boy Who Swallowed a Music Box

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

1550. Random
1569. Elbow Room