The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Irons, Lettie Artley, died 1875

Pseudonym: Prescott, Paul J.

Name and pseudonym information derived from "The Authors and Their Novels" in Albert Johannsen's House of Beadle & Adams.

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Items with "Irons, Lettie Artley, died 1875" as Credited Author

"Wanted, Lodgings" (1 edition)
Amy Livingston's Mistake (1 edition)
Fishing (1 edition)
How it Ended (1 edition)
Idle Dreams (1 edition)
In Armor (1 edition)
A Man's Work (1 edition)
One Heart (1 edition)
Part of the Price (2 editions)
Yesterday and To-day (1 edition)