The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Brontë, Charlotte, 1816-1855

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Items with "Brontë, Charlotte, 1816-1855" as Credited Author

Aldis Series

83. Jane Eyre

American Series

242. Jane Eyre

Arrow Library

177. Jane Eyre

Banner Library

2. Jane Eyre

Chimney Corner Series (Lupton)

2. Jane Eyre

The Elite Series

22. Jane Eyre

The Eureka Series

30. Jane Eyre

Favorite Library

18. Jane Eyre

Fireside Library of Popular Reading

Jane Eyre

The Giant Series

26. Jane Eyre

Granite Series

71. Jane Eyre

Hawthorne Library

111. Jane Eyre

The Ivy Series

299. Jane Eyre
300. Shirley
301. The Professor

The Keystone Library

87. Jane Eyre
88. Shirley

Library of Select Novels

109. Jane Eyre
132. Shirley
182. Villette

Lovell's Household Library

6. Jane Eyre

Majestic Series

191. Jane Eyre
347. The Professor

Manhattan Library

90. Shirley