The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Lisenbee, William

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Items with "Lisenbee, William" as Credited Author

"Eagle Rock" (1 edition)
"What The Matter Was" (1 edition)
"Why?" (1 edition)
The 'Special From Dead Dog (1 edition)
The Adventures of Tom Dayton; or, The Mystery of Dark Hollow (7 editions)
Afflicted! (1 edition)
"Alkali Bill" (1 edition)
Answered (1 edition)
At Barclay House; or, A Detective Puzzle (5 editions)
An Autumn Day (1 edition)
A Battle For a Mine; or Fighting Desperate Foes (1 edition)
Buying a Book (1 edition)
The Cherokee Girl's Vengeance (1 edition)
Dawn (3 editions)
Dick Penfield's Arabian Nights; or, Chasing a Shadow (1 edition)
Didn't Know a Governor (1 edition)
Distinguished People I Have Known: "Billy, the Kid" (1 edition)
Distinguished People I Have Known: Bob Ford (1 edition)
Distinguished People I Have Known: Colorow (1 edition)
Distinguished People I Have Known: Geronimo (1 edition)
Distinguished People I Have Known: John Bender (1 edition)
Dr. Bugford's Epidemic (1 edition)
Entertaining Apaches (1 edition)
Etiquette (1 edition)
Evening (1 edition)
The Execution of Spider Pete (1 edition)
The Fernando Gems; or, Thru Mexican Perils (1 edition)
A Few Frozen Thoughts on Winter (1 edition)
Friendship of the Flowers (1 edition)
Genius and Labor (1 edition)
God's Plan (1 edition)
Gone! (1 edition)
He Gave Up His Claim (1 edition)
"Her Answer" (2 editions)
His First Patient (1 edition)
Ike Brownfield's Claim (1 edition)
In the Lion's Mouth (1 edition)
Journalism in the West (1 edition)
Journalistic Experience; or, The Pen and the Pistol (1 edition)
Life (1 edition)
Love and Summer (1 edition)
Making the Desert Bloom (1 edition)
"The March of the Ages" (1 edition)
Mary (1 edition)
Maverick Mose, the Arizona Detective, or, The Wizard of Urkos Pass (1 edition)
Night (2 editions)
The Ocean (2 editions)
The Phantom Bicyclist. The Silent Hunter of the Bad Lands--Weird Story of Adventures in the Land of Desolation and Mystery. (3 editions)
A Picture (1 edition)
Poconaro (1 edition)
Queen Hatafu (1 edition)
Railroad Claim 31,525 (1 edition)
Remarks on the Drama (1 edition)
Shadows (1 edition)
Signs of Summer (1 edition)
A Solemn Sight (1 edition)
The Story of a Dog (1 edition)
A Strange Adventure in Mexico (1 edition)
A Talk With the Boys (1 edition)
Thought She Would Try Literature (1 edition)
The Three Songs (1 edition)
To The Blind Preacher (1 edition)
Truth (1 edition)
The Unlucky Pard (1 edition)
Valhalla (1 edition)
A Western Critic (1 edition)
What Meets It? (1 edition)
When Love is Dead (1 edition)
The White Canoe; or The Spectre of the Lake (4 editions)
Why I Came Away (1 edition)
William Penn (2 editions)
The Wind-Chant (1 edition)
Winter (2 editions)
A Winter Night (1 edition)
Writing a Novel (1 edition)
The Young Bee Hunters; Or, the Wizard of the North (2 editions)
Young Monte Cristo; or, Fighting Millions with Millions (1 edition)
Zeke's Big Hunt (2 editions)

Items with "Lisenbee, William" as Credited Translator

The Castle By The Sea (1 edition)