The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Lisenbee, William

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Items with "Lisenbee, William" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

"Alkali Bill"
An Autumn Day
Buying a Book
The Cherokee Girl's Vengeance
Didn't Know a Governor
Distinguished People I Have Known: "Billy, the Kid"
Distinguished People I Have Known: Bob Ford
Distinguished People I Have Known: Colorow
Distinguished People I Have Known: Geronimo
Distinguished People I Have Known: John Bender
Dr. Bugford's Epidemic
Entertaining Apaches
A Few Frozen Thoughts on Winter
Genius and Labor
"Her Answer"
His First Patient
Ike Brownfield's Claim
Journalism in the West
Journalistic Experience; or, The Pen and the Pistol
Love and Summer
Making the Desert Bloom
"The March of the Ages"
The Ocean
A Picture
Queen Hatafu
Railroad Claim 31,525
Remarks on the Drama
Signs of Summer
The Story of a Dog
A Strange Adventure in Mexico
A Talk With the Boys
Thought She Would Try Literature
The Three Songs
The Unlucky Pard
A Western Critic
When Love is Dead
Why I Came Away
William Penn
Writing a Novel
Zeke's Big Hunt

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

721. Maverick Mose, the Arizona Detective; or, The Wizard of Urkos Pass. A Romance of Arizona

The Chicago Ledger

The 'Special From Dead Dog
The Adventures of Tom Dayton; or, The Mystery of Dark Hollow
At Barclay House; or, A Detective Puzzle
A Battle For a Mine; or Fighting Desperate Foes
Dick Penfield's Arabian Nights; or, Chasing a Shadow
The Execution of Spider Pete
The Fernando Gems; or, Thru Mexican Perils
He Gave Up His Claim
In the Lion's Mouth
The Phantom Bicyclist. The Silent Hunter of the Bad Lands--Weird Story of Adventures in the Land of Desolation and Mystery.
The White Canoe; or The Spectre of the Lake
The Young Bee Hunters; Or, the Wizard of the North
Young Monte Cristo; or, Fighting Millions with Millions

New York Weekly

Autumn Sunset
Dark-Eyed Night

The Saturday Journal

"Eagle Rock"
"What The Matter Was"
Friendship of the Flowers
God's Plan
"Her Answer"
A Solemn Sight
To The Blind Preacher
What Meets It?
The Wind-Chant
A Winter Night

Items with "Lisenbee, William" as Credited Translator

The Saturday Journal

The Castle By The Sea