The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Finn, Frank S. (Frank Stanislaus), 1840-

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Items with "Finn, Frank S. (Frank Stanislaus), 1840-" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Young Detective Joe

Beadle's Dime Dialogues

An air castle
Aunt Polly's lesson
An awful mystery
The born genius
Bread on the waters, or, The angel unawares
Candor wins the day, or Miss Constant's tour-to-Europe election
Cruel king
Curing Betsey
The double stratagem
A double surprise
The dream lesson, or, What might have been
Enforcing a moral, or, The best mission
Fisherman's luck, or, Not so bad as he seemed
Fortune's wheel
The friend in need
glass man, or, The kicking cure
The good they did
The house on the hill
How Wiggins was cured, or, The end justifies the means
An indignation meeting
Jemima's novel
Judge not
The little peacemaker
Middleton's mistake, or, The lesson brought home
Mountains and mole-hills
The mysterious G. G.
No rose without a thorn
The noblest boy
Old Nably, the fortune-teller
The other side of the story
The phantom doughnuts
Plato Pendexter's ashes, or Testing "stylish" sincerity
A poet's perplexities
The rebuke proper, or, Be careful how you despise home talent
The red light
Sarah Hannah, or, Sensible at last
Saved by a dream
Shoddy and wool, or, The house on the hill
A Slight mistake
A slight scare
Slightly hilarious, or, Too much for Racketts
Sunshine through the clouds
A sweet revenge
That ne'er-do-well, or, A brother's lesson
Those who preach and those who perform
Tit for tat
Too curious for comfort, or, Don't stick your fingers in other people's preserves
True heroism
A turn of the tide, or, Too much tongue
An unjust man
Who on airth is he?
Witches in the cream, or, All is fair in love
The year 'round, or, The greeting of the months

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

36. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena. A Romance of Real Life in a Traveling Circus
1166. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena. A Romance of Real Life in a Traveling Circus

Beadle's Pocket Library

21. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena

The Saturday Journal

The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena, A Romance of the Ring
A Change
Clara's Love Story
Dead Allie
Dick's Ward
Give Them Your Hand
Lovely and Noble
Simple Faith
Strawberry Shortcakes, A Summer Romance
Watching, Waiting, Praying
Young Detective Joe