The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Finn, Frank S. (Frank Stanislaus), 1841-1892

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Items with "Finn, Frank S. (Frank Stanislaus), 1841-1892" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Young Detective Joe

Beadle's Dime Dialogues

An Air Castle
Aunt Polly's Lesson
An Awful Mystery
The Born Genius
Bread on the Waters; or, The Angel Unawares
Candor Wins The Day; or, Miss Constant's Tour-To-Europe Election
The Cruel King
Curing Betsey
The Double Stratagem
A Double Surprise
The Dream Lesson; or, What Might Have Been
Enforcing A Moral; or, The Best Mission
Fisherman's Luck; or, Not So Bad As He Seemed
Fortune's Wheel
The Friend In Need
Glass Man; or, The Kicking Cure
The Good They Did
The House on the Hill
How Wiggins was Cured; or, The End Justifies the Means
An Indignation Meeting
Jemima's Novel
Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged
The Little Peacemaker
Middleton's Mistake; or, The Lesson Brought Home
Mountains and Mole-Hills
The Mysterious "G. G."
No Rose Without A Thorn
The Noblest Boy
Old Nably, the Fortune-Teller
The Other Side of the Story
The Phantom Doughnuts
Plato Pendexter's Ashes; or Testing "Stylish" Sincerity
A Poet's Perplexities
The Rebuke Proper; or, Be Careful How You Despise Home Talent
The Red Light
Sarah Hannah; or, Sensible at Last
Saved by a Dream. A Temperance Drama
Shoddy and Wool; or, The House on the Hill
A Slight Mistake
A Slight Scare
Slightly Hilarious; or, Too Much for Racketts
Sunshine Through The Clouds
A Sweet Revenge
That Ne'er-Do-Well; or, A Brother's Lesson
Those Who Preach And Those Who Perform
Tit For Tat
Too Curious For Comfort; or, Don't Stick Your Fingers In Other People's Preserves
True Heroism
A Turn of the Tide; or, Too Much Tongue
An Unjust Man
Who On Airth Is He?
Witches In The Cream; or, All Is Fair In Love
The Year 'Round; or, The Greeting of the Months

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

36. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena. A Romance of Real Life in a Traveling Circus
1166. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena. A Romance of Real Life in a Traveling Circus

Beadle's Pocket Library

21. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena

New York Weekly

A Mother's Story

The Saturday Journal

The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena, A Romance of the Ring
A Change
Clara's Love Story
Dead Allie
Dick's Ward
Give Them Your Hand
Lovely and Noble
Simple Faith
Strawberry Shortcakes, A Summer Romance
Watching, Waiting, Praying
Young Detective Joe