The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Foster, Fred F.

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Items with "Foster, Fred F." as Author

The Banner Weekly

An "Infernal Implement"
Absolutely Guiltless
All For a Woman's Sake
A Blind Case. A Detective's Story.
A Blood-Stain
A Bull-Fight
Circumstantial Evidence: From the Notes of a Detective
A Clever Idea
The Cost of a Sin
A Criminal's Innocence
The Cryptogram Trail, From a Lawyer's Notes
Detective Eames' Toughest Cases
Devisor and Devisee: From the Notes of a Lawyer
A Dual Role, From the Diary of a Detective
"Dx." A Telegrapher's Story
Her Friend, the Baron
Hermit and Cashier
His Best Case
In Cipher. From the Diary of a Detective
An Irresistible Influence
The Marked Cards
The Marked Revolver
The Mills of the Gods
The Missing Eyebrow
The Missing Jewels
A Money Maniac
A Motiveless Crime
The Movable Pane
My Problem
Only a Name
A Remarkable Incentive
Ring and Scar, From the Note-Book of a Detective
The Sleep-Face. A Detective's Story.
The Sleep-Thief, From the Notes of a Detective
Snaring an Old Fox
"So Near and Yet So Far", From the Diary of a Detective
The Tragedy of the Lone House
Trailed By an Item, From the Notes of A Detective
Under False Colors
A Unique Case
Was He "Possessed"?
A Widow's Vengeance
The Wife's Crime
Woman Against Woman
A Woman's Method

Beadle's New York Dime Library

Three brilliant detective stories

The Saturday Journal

A Successful Purpose
A Wise Choice
A Woman's Way
After One Generation
An Unexpected Denouement
Brought to Her Senses
From Overture to Finale
Miss Grayson's Committee
The Story of a Ring