The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Foster, Fred F.

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Items with "Foster, Fred F." as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

An "Infernal Implement"
Absolutely Guiltless
All For a Woman's Sake
A Bit of Glass, A Lawyer's Story
A Blind Case. A Detective's Story.
A Blood-Stain
A Bull-Fight
Circumstantial Evidence: From the Notes of a Detective
A Clever Idea
The Cost of a Sin
A Count of Some Account
A Criminal's Innocence
The Cryptogram Trail, From a Lawyer's Notes
Detective Eames' Toughest Cases
Devisor and Devisee: From the Notes of a Lawyer
A Dual Role, From the Diary of a Detective
"Dx." A Telegrapher's Story
Her Friend, the Baron
Hermit and Cashier
His Best Case
His Question
In Cipher. From the Diary of a Detective
An Irresistible Influence
"John Viii., 34"
Love's Work
The Marked Cards
The Marked Revolver
The Mills of the Gods
The Missing Eyebrow
The Missing Finger
The Missing Jewels
A Money Maniac
A Motiveless Crime
The Movable Pane
My Problem
The Old Man's Revelation
Only a Name
A Remarkable Incentive
Ring and Scar, From the Note-Book of a Detective
The Sleep-Face. A Detective's Story.
The Sleep-Thief, From the Notes of a Detective
Snaring an Old Fox
"So Near and Yet So Far", From the Diary of a Detective
The Tragedy of the Lone House
Trailed By an Item, From the Notes of A Detective
Under False Colors
A Unique Case
Was He "Possessed"?
A Widow's Vengeance
The Wife's Crime
Woman Against Woman
A Woman's Method

Beadle's New York Dime Library

A Lucifer's Work
Pretty Miss Ames
"Proverbs V. 22"

The Chicago Ledger

Providential Robbery

The Saturday Journal

After One Generation
Brought to Her Senses
From Overture to Finale
Miss Grayson's Committee
The Story of a Ring
A Successful Purpose
An Unexpected Denouement
A Wise Choice
A Woman's Way