The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Rose, Walter A.

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Items with "Rose, Walter A." as Credited Author

"A Friend In Need" (2 editions)
"A Night of Peril" (3 editions)
"A Queer Fish" (3 editions)
"Overboard" (1 edition)
Almost An Amputation, An Incident that Occurred in the Pacific (1 edition)
Among the Mermaids (3 editions)
Attacked by Junks (1 edition)
"Buried Alive" (1 edition)
Cast Away on Tiger Island (1 edition)
A Christmas in Cathay; or, How Our Dinner Was Spoiled (2 editions)
A Day in Java (1 edition)
Drawing Lots, A Recollection (1 edition)
Foiled (1 edition)
Gale-Driven (1 edition)
In the Cyclone (2 editions)
The Last Cruise (1 edition)
Loyal unto Death (2 editions)
The Mid-Ocean Mutiny (2 editions)
Saved by Stratagem (3 editions)
Stranded (2 editions)
A Strange Preserver (4 editions)
The Three Green (1 edition)
Won in the Jungle (3 editions)