The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Knox, Jackson

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Items with "Knox, Jackson" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Captain Clew, The Fighting Detective; or, Against Terrible Odds
Detective Walden's Web; or, The Beautiful Typewriter's Evil Genius
The Hurricane Detective; or, Through Thick and Thin
Old Grip's Grip; or, The Great Detective's Covenant with the Dead
Old Grip's Still Hunt; or, The Bank President's Nemesis
Old Grip, the Detective; or, The Woman of the Frozen Smile
The Showman Detective; or, Old Grip's Compact

Beadle's New York Dime Library

386. Hawk Heron, the falcon detective, or, The Gotham Flats mystery
424. Hawk Heron's deputy, or, Nixey's nip
444. The magic detective, or, The hidden hand
451. Griplock, the rocket detective, or, The Hanshaw mystery
462. The circus detective, or, Griplock in a new role
467. Mainwaring the salamander, or, The detective's ordeal
477. Dead-Arm Brandt, or, The long vengeance
485. Rowlock, the harbor detective, or, The terrible twins
494. The detectives' spy, or, The invisible rook
501. Springsteel Steve, the retired detective, or, The relentless shadower
509. Old Falcon, the thunderbolt detective, or, The fateful legacy
515. Short Stop Maje, the diamond field detective, or, Old Falcon's master game
536. Old Falcon's foe, or, The matchless-detective's swell job
548. Falconbridge, the Sphynx detective, or, The siren of the baleful eye
561. The thug king, or, The falcon detective's invisible foe
574. Old Falcon's double, or, The great detective's finishing stroke
582. Joram, the detective expert, or, A desperate woman's desperate game
595. Wellborn, the upper-crust detective, or, Playing for the Challoner millions
606. The drop detective, or, The Dreamthorpe sensation
616. Magnus, the weird detective, or, Solving a master-rogue mystery
643. Castlemaine, the silent sifter, or, The great detective's wonderful revelation
732. The Hurricane Detective; or, Through Thick and Thin
740. Captain Clew, The Fighting Detective; or, Against Terrible Odds
762. Old Grip, the detective, or, The rounder rogue in New York
770. The showman detective, or, Old Grip's rogue round-up
778. The butler detective, or, Old Grip's grip
827. Detective Walden's web, or, Max Marling head-center of the Silver Gang
838. Old Grip's still hunt, or, The bank robber's round-up