The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Dumont, Daniel Boone, Major

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Items with "Dumont, Daniel Boone, Major" as Credited Author

Note: This list is sorted by the earliest known dated edition for each title; earlier editions may exist.


Colonel Double Edge, the Cattle Baron's Pard; or, The Marshal of Sandstone
The Old River Sport; or, A Man of Honor
Silver Sam, the Detective; or, The Rustlers of Butte City
The White Crook; or, Old Harm's Fortress. A Tale of the Arizona Raid


The Night Raider; or, The Mysterious Marauder. A Tale of the Cattle Corrals
Salamander Sam; or, The Swamp-Island Renegades. A Tale of the Everglades and Jungles
Sandycraw, the Man of Grit; or, The River Sport's Revenge


Topnotch Tim, the Mad Parson; or, The Bad Men of the Basin. The Romance of a Wilderness Lay-Out


The Witch of Shasta; or, The Man of Cheek. A Romance of California


The Jumper; or, Impromptu Sleigh-Rides in the West
Roughly Parted