The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Foss, Sam Walter, 1858-1911

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Items with "Foss, Sam Walter, 1858-1911" as Credited Author

Army and Navy Weekly

Land on your feet

The Banner Weekly

An Auctioneer's Gift
The Bloodless Sportsman
Bobolink Philosophy
The Champion Liar
The Comic Poem
The Conqueror Conquered
A Cosmopolitan Woman
The Dirge of the Seaside Belle
Drop Your Bucket Where You Are
Enoch, Cyrus, Jerry and Ben
Fin De Siecle Gratitude
A Great Inventor
He Doesn't Want Them Published
He Had 'Em Bad
Heathen and Husband
An Honest Spring Poem
I Dunno and I Knowit
Indian Summer
John Bowers's Apprenticeship
A Learned Woman
The Men who Miss the Train
Modern Reformers
The Newspaper Affidavit Liar
The Nickel in the Slot
The Old Man and the Young Man
A Prosperous Couple
The Seaside Belle's Lament
She Wasn't Built That Way
The Small Boys Who Tag On Behind
Uncle and Nephew

The Chicago Ledger

Farragut To Dewey
The Inkstand Battle

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

An average man
The Calf Path
Hannah's Way
The Railroad Through the Farm