The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan, 1814-1873

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Items with "Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan, 1814-1873" as Credited Author

Appletons' New Handy-Volume Series

7. The Bird of Passage

Fireside Library of Popular Reading

Uncle Silas

Library of Select Novels

251. Uncle Silas
261. Guy Deverell
276. All in the Dark
300. The Tenants of Malory
315. A Lost Name

Ornum & Co.'s Fifteen Cent Romances

9. The Black Lady of Duna; or, The Renegade's Doom

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

316. Uncle Silas

Waverley Library (Quarto edition)

75. The Black Lady of Duna