The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Jot, Joe, Jr.

Pseudonym For: Bellaw, A. W. (Americus Wellington), born 1842

Name and pseudonym information derived from "The Authors and Their Novels" in Albert Johannsen's House of Beadle & Adams.

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Items with "Jot, Joe, Jr." as Author

The Banner Weekly

Old Crape, The Undertaker, A Sad Lay-Away
Sliding Down The Hill

The Saturday Journal

"How Big Was Alexander, PA?"
"I Always Think Of You", A Lover’s Wondering
"Owed" to the First Fly of the Season
A Happy Man
A Bad Fight To Face
A Big If
A California Idyl
A Case Of Hoptics
A Chapter of Casualties
A Character
A Chronicle of Accidents
A Contented Mind
A Corn Dodger
A Cutting Epistle
A Dangerous Man To Fool With
A Determined Suicider
A Disastrous Campaign
A Drama of Mississippi River Life, In Three Scenes
A Dry Poem
A Dry-Good Lyric, Or A Good-Dry Lyric
A Farewell To Summer
A Fashionable Girl's Love-Letter
A Fashionable Woman's Prayer In Church
A Ferocious Cold
A Few Wonders
A Friend To Dinner
A Funny Man
A Gentle Kiss
A Gone Case
A Good Day
A Handy Man
A Happy-Taph
A Heavy Cold
A Humorous Man
A Hundred Years Ago
A Husband's Soliloquy
A June Poem
A Leeric
A Literary Wife
A Little Poem Of Multiplied Littleness Cut Thin
A Love Tribute
A Maiden's Reverie
A May Morning
A Memory
A Model Congressman
A Model Wife
A Modern Young Lady
A Monody
A Moral Lesson
A Morning Care-All
A Mournful Ballad
A Moving Complaint, A Wife’s Soliloquy
A Moving Tail
A Pasture-al Poem
A Pathetic Story for Children
A Physician's Prescription Carefully Confounded
A Poetess For A Wife
A Pointed Tramp
A Quiet Dinner
A Quiet Lodger
A Rat in the Room
A Reasonable Demand
A Reliable Man
A Rhymer's Complaint
A Sad Case
A Sad Tragedy
A Sea-Side Idyl
A Seminary Ballad
A Shady Night
A Small Piece Of Night
A Song
A Song of Summer
A Summer Night Poem
A Taking Subject
A Talker
A Terrible Revenge
A Traveler
A Very Vivid Fancy
A Walk In Summer
A Warm Meal
A Warm Sermon
A Weak Appetite
A Weak Case
A Winter Wail
Accidents At The Party
Advice To Lovers
After Years
The Agent; or, The Way People Are Insured
Aggravation and Consolation
Agricultural Ode
All Is Vanity
All Things For Some Good
Always Late To Tea
An Ap-oyster-phe
An Early Poem
An Old Boy
An Old Story Slightly Altered
Another Tragedy
Asking for Hannah
At Long Branch By The Sea
At One
At The Circus
At The Opera
At The Show
Aunt Witherspoon's Healthy Letter
The Average Modern Traveler
The Babes in the Woods
Bachelor's Hall
A Bachelor's Lament
The Bakerman
The Baking of the Cake, On Receiving One From a Young Lady
Ballad on a Modern Model
Bangs' Telephone
The Barefoot Boy
Barnum's Zulu Attends Church, Extract From His Letter Home
The Beautiful Springtime
The Bells
Betsey And I Are Out Again
Betsy And I Are In Again
Biddie's Letter
The Birds of Spring
The Blacksmith's Love
The Blarney Stone
Blimpkins' Mother In-Law
Blodgins, His Mouth
Blow Your Own Horn
Blowing Bubbles
The Boston Ellum
The Boston Tea, A True Verse-ion
Brown Has The Blues
Brownsmith: His Wife
Buckwheat Cakes
By The Fireplace
The Carpenter's Declaration
Centennial Ode
The Chain Outside Of His Coat
Characters In My Forthcoming Novel
Charles Alphonso's Announcement
Chinese Love Song
A Chinese Love Song
Choosing A Wife
A Christmas Dinner
Church Rules For Ladies
The Cider Mill
Cinderella; or, The Wooden Shoes
Conjugal Conjugations
The Coquette
The Country Dance
Courting In The Country
Cross-Eyed Bill, A Nevada Obituary
Crusoe's Song Of Triumph
Daubins The Painter's Love
Deacon Gray and Widow Greer
Decidedly Patriotic
Deferred Nuptuals
The Delights of the Season
The Demon of the Rail
The Dentist
Did The New Year Come Last Night?
The Difficulty of Rhyming
A Dime's Worth
A Dinner
Dirge Of The Widows Young
The Distracted Extractor, Teeth Extracted Without Pain
Do They Miss Me At Home?
The Dog in the Manger
The Dog On The Log
Don't Come Into My Garden, Maud
Drawing The Baby Carriage
The Drayman's Warble
The Drive
The Drummer-Boy Of Ogosh
The Early Mustache
Elevating Influence
The End Of It All
The Ending Year
Evening Musings
Evening: An Epicurean Episode
Examining A Poem
A Familiar Epistle
A Fashionable Wife
A Fast Friend
A Fat Sweetheart
Father Foots The Bill
The Fiddler
The Finding of the Glove
The First of April, A poem found in the trunk of Miles Standish
A Foggy Day In The City
The Fox and the Grapes
A Friendly Visitor
The Frog Who Would Be As Big As An Ox
A Game of Hearts
Gentle Hints
The Gentleman Who Snored
The Ghost of Long Branch
The Ghost of Music
The Gift of Slippers
The Gifts I Gave My Love
The Girl That Jilted Me
Going To Church
A Good Memory
The Good Old Times
Grandfather's Rocking-Chair
Grave Precautions
The Grocer
A Growl
The Hardware Man
The Hatter to Harriet
He Never Told A Lie
Head-Lines For A Hot Day, From Old Newspaper Files
Her Fan-A Memento
Her Hand
Her Handkerchief
The Hidden Sorrow
High Flown
Home Again
Home From Church
How He Asked The Old Man
How He Lost Her
How It Was
How She Felt For Him
Husband and Wife
Hymn To My Fire
I Walk Behind Her
I Want To Know
I Would I Were A Boy Again
I Would Like To Know, You Know
If I'd Been Born a Girl
In Bad Company, An old story re-newed
In Summer-Time
In The Fall
In The Fox
In Winter
In Wintertime
Jerusha To Her Valentine
Jockey-Lar Jingles
John Jones
John Smith's Complaint
Jones Marries For Love
Jones Stutters
Jones' Wife's Aunt
A Kickapoo Foot
The Kind Leg of a Mule
Kiss and Make Up
Kitchen Poetry
The Landlady's Pretty Daughter
Language of the Cane
The Lawyer's Plea
Legal Illegality
The Lightning-Rod Man
A Little Difference
A Little Off
The Loafer To His Purse
Love At Long Range
Love In A Balloon
Love In School
Love In The Country
Love's Changes
Love's First Kiss
A Lover's Poem
Mad Agnes' Warning
The Man Who Laughed
The Man Who Talked
A Man With A Nose
The Maniac's Defense
The Market Editor's Declaration
Married Too Young
Mary Ann
Matrimonial Meditations
The Midnight Onset
Minding the Baby
A Model Boy
Moneyless Jones
Moral and Physical Suasion
The Morning Fire
Mr. Dozer's Better-Half
Mr. Poddle At Home
Mr. Poddle Came Home Tight
Mrs. Blithers Calls
Much Struck
My Boots
My Brother Jim
My Childhood
My Cow Belle
My Cynosure
My Esquimaux Friend
My Experience
My First Boots
My First Call
My First Cigar
My First Coat
My First Dance
My First Day At School
My First Declamation
My First Knife
My First Poem
My First Watch
My Fortune
My Gift
My Girl
My Girl's Mouth
My Grandfather's Clock
My Last Dog
My Last Dog, An O-bit-ary
My Love Who Laughs
My Neighbor's Boys
My Neighbor's Cats
My Neighbor's Dogs
My Old Arm-Chair
My Old Aunt
My Old Schoolmaster
My Red Headed Sweetheart
My Rival
My Ship From Spain
My Song
My Study
My Sweet
My Sylvan Sylph
My Tramp
My Umbrella
My Uncle Adolphus
My Uncle Jake
My Wife To Be
Never Home In Time
Never Marry A Man When He's Broke
The New Baby
The Newsboy's Harangue
Newton and the Apple
Not The Pipe Of Peace
November Morning
An O-bit-uary
Obed Snipkins
The Obelisk, Uncle Wintergreen Pays His Respex
Ode To My Muse
Of Months And Days
Old Crape, The Undertaker, A Sad Lay-Away
Old Jenkins
The Old Leather Deacon
The Old Letter
Old Mrs. Grimes
The Old Sexton's Story Of The Twins
The Old Story
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe
The Old-Fashioned Chat
The Omnibus
On A Gunsmith
On A Sheet Of Paper
On A Street-Car
On A Tombstone-Man
On A Tooth
On an Extinct Rat, A Late Poem of Burns Discovered
On Being Presented With A Bootjack
On Finding Lesbia’s Hairpin
On Hand
On Old Umbrella
On Some More Hash
On the Dunce-Block
On the Road to Sleep
One Thing And Another
Only An Impediment In Speech
Only Sixteen Dresses To Wear
The Only Way
The Other Grimes
The Other Village Black-Smith
Our First and Last Kiss
Our Girls
Our Old Class
Over The Fence Is Out
Over The Way
Owed To My Pocket-Book
Owed To Niagara
The Passers-By
Passun Mooah's Surmount
Pat's Love
Pat's Love To The Cook
Pay As You Go
Paying The Pawn
The Pedagogue
Perseverance, Or The Climbing Spider
The Picnic
Pilkins' Landlady
Pitiful Poverty
Plunkins' Sweetheart
Poddle About The House
Poddle Comes Home With A Cigar
Poddle Is A Candidate
Poddle Is Beaten For Sheriff
Poddle Smokes
Poddle Talks To His Wife (Who Is Sound Asleep)
Poddle's Wife On A New Hat
The Poet
Poetic Feet
Poetic Obesity
The Poke Bonnet
The Policeman
Popping The Question
The Pork Scare
A Pretty Good Man
The Prodigal Son
Pumpkin Pies
The Question
Quiet Lodgings
Rather A Quiet Day
Rather Thin
Rather Windy
Red Riding Hood
Reflections Of Diogenes, A Tubular Poem
A Remarkable Couple
A Rich Man's Soliloquy On Death
Rigid Reformation
Running For Office
Rural Love
Russian Warriors
The Sailor's Ditty
The Sailor
A Saloonatic
Sarah Ann
A Sea-Sighed Idyl
Seeing Her Home
Selected Epitaphs
A Serenade
The Serenade
A Serene Worshiper
The Sexton's Devotion
The Sexton's Dogmatics
The Sexton's Reverie
Shadows On The Wall
She Was Hard Of Hearing
She Wore Her Hair In Bangs
She'd Be A Nun
A Shoe By The Wayside
Signs of Rain
The Sleeping Beauty
The Sleigh-Ride
Sliding Down The Hill
Slightly Tremulous
The Small Change of Time
Smitten or Smut
A Smooth Day
So Fair And Yet So False
So Proud And So Nice
The Soldier
Soliciting For The Heathen
Solon Skugg's Wife's Aunt
Some Epitaphs
Some Feet
Some People You Don't Want To Know
Some Rhymes Boiled Down
Some Smooth Lines
Some Truths
Song-From the Hindoo
Sonnet to a Mule
Sophonisby's Announcement
A Sorrowful Leeric
The Spider and the Fly
A Spring Lay
A Square Acher
Stanzas For Music
The Story of Moll Pitcher
Swamp Poetry
Swinging on the Gate
The Sword of Hunker Bill
Swung Off
The Tale of a Tailor
The Tea Is Always Late, A Husband's Complaint
That Ancient Hat
That Awful Boy
That Comet
That Fine Young Man
That Fishy Award, Uncle Same To England
That Girl Of Mine
That Little Baby Around The Corner
That Melodeon
That Morning Gong
That Pretty Pug Nose
That Pull-Back Dress
Tim's Love-Letter
To A Boot-Black
To A Boy
To A Deceased Feline
To A Mummy In A Museum
To A Rooster
To A Singer
To A Young Man
To An Organ-Grinder
To Anna
To Country Maiden
To Fred---On A Birth-Day Occasion
To My Fair And Anxious Inquirers
To My Friend, The Judge
To My Old Teacher
To The Point
The Tonsorial Artist
Too Much Sweetness
Too Philanthropic
Too Sure
Total Depravity
The Touch of Hands
A Tress of Hair
The Trombone
Trouble At Sea
Trouble In China
Turning the Grindstone
Twenty Minutes for Dinner
Twenty Years
The Two Foxes
The Universal We
The Unmarried Maiden
Unselfish I
A Valentine
Verses and Reverses
The Village Deacon
The Village Doctor
The Village Gossip
The Village School, Photographed on the spot
The Violinist
War Accidents To The Family
Washington's Birthday
Watching The Eclipse
Watering-Place Attachments
The Way My Grandma Did
What A Woman's Made Of
What Mr. Brown Thinks And What His Neighbors Think
What's In A Name—For Me
When We Were Boys and Girls Together
Whip Up, Or Get Out Of The Way
Why I Didn't Marry
Why I Never Married
Why They Couldn't Agree
Wigginson Speaks
The Wolf and The Lamb (In New Clothing)
A Woman With The Headache
Women's Rights
The Wood-Sawyer's Declaration
The Wooden Legs, An Arkansas Rhyme
The Woodman's Appeal
The Worst Nose Of The Season
Zoologic Logic
Zoologic Logic No. 3