The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Wood, Henry, Mrs., 1814-1887

Pseudonym For: Wood, Ellen, 1814-1887

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Items with "Wood, Henry, Mrs., 1814-1887" as Credited Author

The Advance Library

14. Lady Grace

Aldis Series

28. East Lynne

American Series

107. East Lynne

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

7. Lady Grace
45. Danesbury House

Arrow Library

150. East Lynne
182. Lady Grace
205. A Life's Secret
223. The Mystery

Banner Library

3. East Lynne

The Bijou Series

113. Lady Grace

Bright Ideas Series

13. Anne
29. Lady Grace

Calumet Series (Homewood)

117. East Lynne
198. Lady Grace

Chimney Corner Series (Lupton)

1. East Lynne

Electric Series

65. East Lynne
338. East Lynne

The Elite Series

2. East Lynne
307. Lady Grace

Empire Series

91. Lady Grace

The Eureka Series

34. East Lynne

Favorite Library

61. East Lynne

Favorite Series (Munro)

28. Lady Grace

Fireside Library of Popular Reading

East Lynne
Oswald Cray

The Fireside Library

Helen Whitney's wedding

Fireside Series (Hovendon)

26. East Lynne

Fireside Series (Ogilvie)

26. East Lynne

The Giant Series

19. East Lynne

Golden Gem Library

5. Lady Grace

Granite Series

44. East Lynne
83. Lady Grace

Happy Thought Library (Optimus Printing)

14. Lady Grace

Hawthorne Library

81. East Lynne

Hillside Library

1. The Haunted Tower

The Home Library of Select Literature

31. The Heir to Ashley
39. Moat Grange
48. The Lost Bank Note

The Ivy Series

59. East Lynne

The Keystone Library

536. East Lynne
537. The Mystery

Lenox Library

6. Lady Grace

Lovell's Household Library

30. East Lynne
91. Lady Grace

Lovell's International Series

130. The House of Halliwell

Majestic Series

The Heir to Ashley
The Red Court Farm
102. East Lynne
220. A Life's Secret
411. Story of Dorothy Grape and Other Tales

Manhattan Library

57. East Lynne

The Marvelous Library

7. The Red Court Farm
37. Anne

Mrs. Henry Wood's Novels

1. The Master of Greylands
2. The Castle's Heir; or, Lady Adelaide's Oath
3. The Channings
4. Roland Yorke
5. Squire Trevlyn's Heir; or, Trevlyn Hold
6. Verner's Pride
7. Lord Oakburn's Daughters; or, Earl's Heirs
8. The Shadow of Ashlydat
9. George Canterbury's Will
10. Within the Maze
11. Dene Hollow
12. Bessy Rane
13. Elster's Folly
14. Saint Martin's Eve
15. Oswald Cray
16. The Red Court Farm
17. Mildred Arkell
18. Edina; or, Missing Since Midnight
19. Parkwater; or, Told in the Twilight
20. The Mystery
21. A Life's Secret
22. The Lost Bank Note
23. The Haunted Tower
24. The Lost Will
25. Orville College
26. Five Thousand a Year
27. The Diamond Bracelet
28. Clara Lake's Dream
29. The Runaway Match
30. The Nobleman's Wife
31. The Smuggler's Ghost
32. Martyn Ware's Temptation
33. A Light and a Dark Christmas
34. William Allair; or, Running Away to Sea
35. The Foggy Night at Offord
36. My Husband's First Love
37. Marrying Beneath Your Station
38. Cyrilla Maude's First Love
39. My Cousin Caroline's Wedding
40. Rupert Hall : A Love Story
41. Frances Hildyard
42. Better or Worse
43. The Self-Convicted

New England Series

67. East Lynne

New York Weekly

A Clouded Life
Educated Above Her Station

Ogilvie's Fireside Reading

4. The Lost Bank Note

Railroad Series

65. East Lynne

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

Mildred Arkell
1. East Lynne
25. Lady Adelaide's Oath
37. The Mystery
40. The Heir to Ashley
45. A Life's Secret
52. The Lost Bank Note
63. Dene Hollow
65. The Nobleman's Wife
73. Bessy Rane
74. Rupert Hall : A Love Story
83. Verner's Pride
106. The Master of Greylands
115. Within the Maze
124. Squire Trevlyn's Heir
143. The Haunted Tower
220. George Canterbury's Will
256. Lord Oakburn's Daughters
288. The Channings
310. Roland Yorke
328. The Shadow of Ashlydat
349. Elster's Folly
357. The Red Court Farm
365. Oswald Cray
381. East Lynne
443. Pomeroy Abbey
467. Edina
508. Orville College
914. Johnny Ludlow
1054. A Tale of Sin
1094. Rose Lodge
1117. Lost in the Post and Other Stories
1125. The Mystery
1128. Robert Ashton's Wedding Day, etc.
1166. Count Netherleigh

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

The Heir to Ashley
The Red Court Farm
8. East Lynne
255. The Mystery
508. The Unholy Wish
513. Helen Whitney's wedding
514. Mystery of Jessy Page and Other Stories
610. Story of Dorothy Grape and Other Stories
1001. Lady Adelaide's Oath; or, The Castle's Heir
1027. A Life's Secret
1042. Lady Grace
1235. The Lost Bank Note
1265. Danesbury House
1787. The House of Halliwell

Sunset Series

East Lynne
64. Anne
74. Danesbury House
91. Lady Grace