The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Emerson, N. S. (Nannette Snow), 1840-1884

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Items with "Emerson, N. S. (Nannette Snow), 1840-1884" as Credited Author

Chimney Corner Series (Dillingham)

2. Country Ballads

New York Weekly

The Death of Professor Morse
Decoration Day, May 30th, 1872
The First Train of Supplies for the Chicago Sufferers
Her Answer
How Liab and I Parted
Impromptu Memorial. Written while the Funeral Procession of William H. Seward
Naming the Baby.-A Paraphrase
Starting of the First Lightning Train. With Relief for Chicago
A Thanksgiving Story
Two Christmas Eves. Christmas Eve, 1870-Aunt Hepzibah's Story