The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Dair, Spencer, Col.

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Items with "Dair, Spencer, Col." as Credited Author

American Indian Weekly

1. The Outlaw's Pledge; or, The Raid on the Old Stockade
2. Tracked to His Lair; or, the Pursuit of the Midnight Raider
3. The Black Death; or, The Curse of the Navajo Witch
4. The Squaw Man's Revenge; or, Kidnapped by the Piautes
5. Trapped by Crees, or Tricked by a Renegade Scout
6. Betrayed by a Moccasin; or, The Round-Up of the Indian Smugglers
7. Flying Cloud's Last Stand; or, The Battle of Dead Man's Canyon
8. A Dash for Life; or, Tricked by Timber Wolves
9. The Decoy Message; or, The Ruse of the Border Jumpers
10. The Midnight Alarm; or, The Raid of the Paymaster's Special
11. The Masked Riders; or, The Mystery of Grizzly Gulch
12. Lured by Outlaws; or, The Mounted Ranger's Desperate Ride
13. Stage Coach Bill's Last Ride; or, The Bandits of Great Bear Lake
14. Tragedy of Hangman's Gulch; or, The Ghost of Horn Mountain
15. The Treasures of MacKenzie Isles; or, The Outlaw's Dragnet
16. Held Up at Snake Basin; or, The Renegade's Death-Vote
17. The Mail Rider's Dash with Death; or, The Desperado of Poker Flat
18. The Red Massacre; or, The Hold-Up Men of Barren Lands
19. The Mystery of the Arctic Circle; or, The Robbers' Roundup
20. Hounded by Red Men; The Road Agents of Porcupine River
21. The Fur Trader's Discovery; or, The Brotherhood of Thieves
22. The Smuggler's of Little Slave Lake; or, The Trapper's Vengeance
23. Night Riders of the Northwest; or, The Vigilantes' Revenge
24. The Spectre of Thunderbolt Cavern; or, Tricked by Midnight Assassins
25. Red Hand of the Northwest; or, The Pirates of Hornaday Stealers
26. The Hermit's Bandit's Revenge; or, The League of the Fur Stealers
27. The Curse of the Coronation Gulf; or, The Outlaws of the Blue Waters
28. The Doom of the Bandit Brothers; or The Demon Renegades
29. The Witch of Devil Whirlpool; or, The Gun-Men of Split Lake
30. Tornado Bess the Kidnapper; or, The Outlaws of Rabbit Island
31. The Wreckers of Caribou Reef; or, Border Bandits at Bay
32. The Plague Spreaders of Hungry Trail; or, The Robbers of Little Wind

Western Weekly

The Masked Riders