The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Druid, David

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Items with "Druid, David" as Credited Author

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

552. Ariel, the Athlete; or, The Ring Detective's Transformation. A Tale of Wild Life under the Canvas in the Far West

Factory Life Library

3. Mattie, the Mill Girl. A Tale of the Manchester Mills

George W. Goode's Pocket Library

2. Bonnie Bess; or, The Prettiest Girl in Fall River
4. Plucky Phil, the Fire Department; or, Working His Way Up

Hub 10ยข Library

The Fortunes of a Factory Girl

Old Cap. Collier Library

220. Bob Denville, the fall river line detective; or, The murder on the "Bristol"
233. Game to the last; or, The Adams express robbery
239. Old Swift, the never fail detective; or, Won by Foul Play
247. Dick Dashe, the drummer detective; or, piping sharp business on the road
251. Old Humpy, the dwarf detective; or, thwarting a career of crime
260. Old Pitcher, the baseball detective; or, sharp work on the diamond
263. Old Opium, the Mongolian detective; or, tracking the sharpest thief in New York
268. Keen Fox, the city hall detective; or, piping a political crime
274. Sam Strong, the Cowboy detective; or, The ranch mystery
276. Detective Den
311. The Detective partners
316. Keen Trump, the little joker detective; or, A mystery of the card table