The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Garrison, Frederick, Lieut.

Pseudonym For: Lewis, Henry Harrison, 1863-; Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968

Also credited as Frederick Garrison, U.S.A. This pseudonym was sometimes, but not exclusively, used by Upton Sinclair. Many stories published under this name are by Henry Harrison Lewis.

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Items with "Garrison, Frederick, Lieut." as Credited Author

Army and Navy Weekly

A Christmas letter from the author of "Mark Mallory"
Defending his honor; or, Mark Mallory's daring
Friends and foes at West Point; or, Mark Mallory's alliance
Fun and frolic at West Point; or, Mark Mallory's clever rescue
In west point at last; or, Mark Mallory's triumph
Mark Mallory at West Point
Mark Mallory in camp; or, Hazing the yearlings
Mark Mallory on guard; or, Deviling a West Point sentry
Mark Mallory's Arrest; or, A West Point cadet's adventures in New York
Mark Mallory's bargain; or, The story of the stolen treasure
Mark Mallory's battle; or, Plebe against yearling
Mark Mallory's celebration; or, A fourth of July at West Point
Mark Mallory's chum; or, The trials of a West Point cadet
Mark Mallory's circus; Or, West Point Plebes on a lark
Mark Mallory's cleverness; or, Turning the tables on the enemy
Mark Mallory's danger; or, in the shadow of dismissal
Mark Mallory's decision; or, Facing a new danger
Mark Mallory's defiance; or, Fighting a hundred foes
Mark Mallory's escape
Mark Mallory's feat; or, Making friends of enemies
Mark Mallory's heroism
Mark Mallory's honor; or, A West Point mystery
Mark Mallory's misfortune; or, The theft of the counterfeiter's gold
Mark Mallory's peril; or, A test of friendship
Mark Mallory's peril; or, the plotting of an enemy
Mark Mallory's strange find; or, The secret of the counterfeiter's cave
Mark Mallory's stratagem; or, Hazing the Hazers
Mark Mallory's treasure; or, A midnight hunt for gold
A midnight hazing; or, Mark Mallory's revenge
A midnight visit; or, Mark Mallory's escapade
The rival candidates; or, Mark's fight for a military cadetship
A west point combine; or, Mark Mallory's new allies
A West Point comedy; or, Mark Mallory's practical joke
A West Point hop; or, Mark Mallory's determination

The Half-Holiday

A cow-boy hero; or, The strange outcome of a practical joke
Parson Stanard's triumph; or, A West Point oratorical contest
The runaway cadet; or, The misfortune of Sleepy

Starry Flag Weekly

19. Hal Maynard at West Point, or, The new member of the Seven Devils
20. "Scraps" Powers in Trouble; or, The Seven Devils and the Green Goods Man

Tip Top Weekly

Mark Mallory's Bargain, or, The story of the stolen treasure