The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Cushman, Corinne

Pseudonym For: Victor, Metta Victoria Fuller, 1831-1885

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Items with "Cushman, Corinne" as Credited Author

"Look At Me, Mamma!" or, The Child and the Christmas Tree (See Chromo Supplement) (1 edition)
"Love's Land" (1 edition)
"Put Out The Light" (2 editions)
"The Amende Honorable" (1 edition)
And Santa Claus Did! (1 edition)
At His Mercy; or, A Woman's Fight for Honor, A Tale of Three Villas (17 editions)
Beryl Ward, The Belle of Chicago; or, Pursued to the Altar, The Story of a Girl's Bitter Mistake (15 editions)
The Betrayed Bride; or, Wedded but not Won (11 editions)
Black Eyes and Blue; or, The Peril of Beauty and the Power of Purity, A Tale of Country and City (15 editions)
The Black Riddle; or, Girlish Charms and Golden Dowers. A Story of Morley Beeches (15 editions)
Brave Barbara; or, First Love or No Love, A Story of a Wayward Heart (14 editions)
The Bridegroom (1 edition)
Dolly (1 edition)
A Dreadful Night's Recompense (1 edition)
Fourteen (1 edition)
The Girl Rivals; or, The War of Hearts (14 editions)
Her Only Chance (1 edition)
The Knight (2 editions)
Little Claire, The Opera Singer; or, The Strange Guardian (27 editions)
The Locked Heart; or, Sir Caryl's Sacrifice, A Romance of English Society Life (16 editions)
Madcap, The Little Quakeress; or, The Naval Cadet's Wooing, A Romance of the Best Society of the Penn City (14 editions)
Miss Vallery's Party (1 edition)
An Old Man's Darling (1 edition)
Only a Newspaper Man (1 edition)
Parting (2 editions)
Pink and White (2 editions)
Pretty and Proud; or, The Gold-Bug of Fr'isco, A Story of a Girl's Folly (15 editions)
Rosebuds in June (1 edition)
Saint Valentine's Album: "At Last! At Last!" (See Engraving) (2 editions)
The Singer (2 editions)
So Do I (2 editions)
The Specter of Bolton Towers, A Christmas Story (1 edition)
That Western Cousin (1 edition)
Trying Life for Herself (1 edition)
Two Lady Detectives (1 edition)
A Wild Girl; or, Love's Glamour, A Romance of Brooklyn Heights (15 editions)
A Woodland Wild-Rose (1 edition)