The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Smith, Francis S. (Francis Shubael), 1819-1887

Pseudonyms: Hamilton, Harry; Larkins, Mark Wilton

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Items with "Smith, Francis S. (Francis Shubael), 1819-1887" as Cited Author

Beadle's Dime Song Books

The Fireman's Death

Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library

The Fireman's Death

New York Weekly

The Fireman's Death
Reube, the Ranger; or, The Imprisoned Bride

People's Five Cent Novelettes

3. Rube, the Ranger; or, The Imprisoned Bride

Items with "Smith, Francis S. (Francis Shubael), 1819-1887" as Credited Author

Clover Series

113. Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl
114. Maggie, the Charity Child
115. Alice Blake; or, The Ferry-House Meeting

Eagle Library

10. Little Sunshine; or, The Working Girl's Oath
100. Alice Blake; or, The Ferry-House Meeting

Good News

Do Good
Hear Much, But Say Little
A Moment of Horror

New York Weekly

A "Capital" Theme
A "Point" In Stocks. An Incident of a Certain "Boom" in Wall Street
About the Election. (A familiar epistle from Zack Soper to his Cousin Joel in Podunk, Schoharie county)
Alice Blake; or, The Ferry-House Meeting
All Born in October: Affectionately Inscribed to F. S. Street
All Powerful Woman
Alone Among the Shadows
Angel Footsteps
An Angel
At Sea Upon Life's Ocean
At the Post-Office Window
The Atheist
The Average is Right
Baby Mine
The Baording-School Boy's Reverie
Be Careful What You Write
Be Content
Be Humble
Be Kind To Your Mother
Be Not Unkind
Be Provident
Beautiful Bessie
Before and After Marriage
The Beggar-Girl's Complaint
Ben the Waif
Bertha, the Sewing-Machine Girl; or, Death at the Wheel
Better Wait Awhile
Beware of Him
The Bible
The Big-Hearted Fellow
The Bird's Complaint
Birds and Flowers
Birds Were Not Made In Vain
Blanche De Vere And The Stranger
The Bouquet Girl
The Bouquet
The Bouquet-Girl
The Bride of Death
Capital Punishment
A Centennial Story
The Chief Mourner
A Child's Kiss
A Child's Song of Praise
A Christmas Night Vision
A Christmas Story
Clinging Together
Coals of Fire; or, A Poor Girl's Triumph. A Story of New York and San Francisco
The Cold Man
Come Back To Me
Come to Me, Darling
Complaint of the Car Horse
The Condemned
Coney Island Beach
The Conscience-Stricken
Cooney Cole, the Driver
Crazy Estelle
Creep Close To My Warm Bosom, Darling
Daisy Burns
The Dead Heart
Dear Girl, The World Is Beautiful
Death in the Tombs
The Death-Bed Reconciliation. A True Incident
Decoration Day
Did You Ever?
The Difference
Do Good
Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead
Does Death End All?
Does My Love Love Me?
Don't Blame The World
Don't Forget It
Don't Mention It
Don't Say "No"
Don't Strike Him While He's Down
Doomed to Death; or, The Three Brothers of Japan. A True Story
A Dream
Dreaming on the Lake
The Drunkard
The Dumb Detective; or, The Rejected Lover's Oath. A True Story
The Dying Cobbler
Elsie's Death
"Even In Laughter The Heart Is Sorrowful"
Faithful Unto Death: A Tale of the Middle Ages
The Family Entrance
Farewell, My Flowers!
The Farmer
The Felon's Last Night
A Few Thoughts
The Fiend of the Iron Works
Fight When You Must
Fireman Jones. A True Incident
The Fireman's Death
The First Day of the Year
The First Love-Token
"Forsake Not The Law Of Thy Mother"
The Fourth of July
A Freemason's Story. Saved at the Last Moment
Galenus, the Gladiator; or, The Roman Maiden's Love
George Washington
Get Out Of My Sunshine
The Girls I Used To Know
Go, Thou Art Free
"God Bless Our Home"
God Bless Us All!
The Goddess of Liberty
The Golden Wedding
Good and Ill
Graves' Ride
Happy New Year
Hard Luck
Hard Times
Have Charity
Have Faith And Trust
He Did Not Read The News
"He Givteh His Beloved Sleep"
He May Never Return
He Will Come Back To Me
He's Ten Years Old To-Day
Hear Much, But Say Little
Here's A Health To Those Who Love Us
High, Low, Jack, And The Game
The Honest Working Girl
The Horse
How A Heart Was Lost
How Little We Know Of Each Other
"How Long Wilt Thou Sleep, O Sluggard?"
How Mr. Rodman Bought "Goldsmith Maid"
How She Loved Him
The Human Heart
Human Love
The Hunter's Song
A Husband's Love
I Do Not Love Him Now
"I Don't Care"
I Love But Thee
I Thought Thee My Own
I Want To Go A-Sleighing
I Would Not Be The Czar
I'll Be Content
I'm Happy When You're Near Me: Designed for Music
The Ice-Fiend
Ida, the Mill-Girl. An Episode of the Late Storm
Improve Your Time
In Memoriam
In My Dreams Thou Art Mine
In Time
In Time of Trouble
John Smith Is Dead
Keep Your Heart Warm
The Kernel and the Nut
Kiss Me Good Night, Darling
Kiss Me, Darling!
Kiss Me, Darling, Ere You Go
Kiss Me, Pet!
Knights of Labor
"Know Thyself"
The Laborer's Song
The Lass of Clover Lane
Lass of the Sunny Brow
The Law Student
A Lesson from the Storm
A Lesson In Grammar
Let Me Not Be Near Him When He Dies
The Liar
Lie Still, My Heart!
Life and Death
"Life Does Not Count By Years"
Life's Battle
Lilian the wanderer; or, The perils of beauty
Lines for a Lady's Album
Lines On The Death Of A Young Lady Who Died Only Four Weeks After Marriage
Little Mamie's Prayer
The Little Sister of Charity
Little Sunshine
Look Ahead
Love's Ecstasy
The Loved and Lost
The Lover's Appeal
The Lover's Dream
A Lover's Phantasy
Luke, the Laborer
Maggie, the Charity Child; or, From Garret to Parlor
The Man Who Determines To Win
Man's Ingratitude
Marriage After Burial. A True Story
The Match Case
Meagher's Escape*
The Mechanic
The Meeting at the Grave: A Decoration Day Poem
A Memory of Georgia
Men and Books
A Merited Rebuke
The Model Farmer
A Moment of Horror
A Mother's Lament: Respectfully Dedicated to Mrs. John E. Seward
Mrs. Swell
My Adorer
My Ambition
My Bed
My Bonny Kate
My Fate
My Flora
My Ideal Day
My Last Thought Was Of Thee
My Love
My Love's Away
My Mother's Picture
Nelly is Dead
New Year Morning Resolves
"No Beans"
"No Cross, No Crown"
Nora, My Darling
Ode To Poverty
Oh, Keep True To Me!
Oh, Would I Knew Thy Heart!
Oh. For A Home On Some Bright Isle!
The Old "Rough" At Coney Island
The Old Fiddler
The Old Homestead
The Old Knickerbocker's Song
The Old Maid's Song
The Old Rag Carpet
The Old Sailor*
Old Towser
Old Will's Religion
The Old, Old Story
On The Beach At Cape May
On The Street
The Orphan Imbecile
Out in the Cold
"Out of Everything"
The Pauper's Death-Bed
Peace, Be Still!
Perfect Trust
Perhaps So, But I Doubt It
A Picture
Plain Talk
A Plea for Cuba
A Plea for the Little Children
A Plea for the Poor
The Poor Man To His Bird
The Poor Man's Song
The Poor Old Trapper and the Melancholy Young Man. A Tale of Battle Mountain
The Power of Song
The Power of Steam
Practical Joking
A Prayer During Sickness
A Prayer
The Pride of my Heart
The Prison-Keeper's Song
Queen Of My Soul
Rapid Streams Are Seldom Deep
Rat, the News Boy, on the Late Frightful Accident
Rats As Reasoners
Reform At Once
"Rejoice With The Wife Of Thy Youth"
The Remedy
Reply to the Bonny Blue Flag
Rich and Poor
Roll Tranquilly, Oh, Sea!
Rough Sketches of Rough Characters
Reube, the Ranger; or, The Imprisoned Bride
Run It, And Don't Let It Run You
Say An Encouraging Word
The Schoolboy's Reverie
Second Childhood
"Seeking Warmth, And Finding Death"
Send No Flowers
Send the Little Ones Happy to Bed
Shall We Know Those Who Love Us?
Should Fortune Frown
The Silent Rider. A True Incident
Sing to Me, Sweet!
Sing, Birdie, Sing!
Sinning and Suffering
Sit Still, Sad Soul
Sitting Bull's Lament
Six Feet of Earth
The Slate-Picker
Sleeping, I Dream of Thee
Snow Flakes
The Sobbing Sea
The Song of Siitting Bull
The Song of the Old Church Bell
The Song of the Working Wife
A Song to the World
A Song
Soul Whisperings
Speak the Truth
The Spirit Rosebud. A True Incident
Spoil the Rod and Spare the Child
Spring and Winter
Stand To The Right
Station-House Lodgers
The Step-Daughter
The Suicide
Summer in the Heart
The Surprise Party
Sweet Be Thy Rest
Sweet Memories
Swinging on the Garden Gate
Take It Easy
Take Me, I Am All Thine Own
Take the Fort!
Teach Me To Love Thee
The Tear on Mother's Grave
The Test
Thankful For All
"The Old Man's In The Way"
"There Shall No Evil Happen To The Just"
"They Say"
Thou Art Away
Thou Art Wedded, Black-Eyed Jenny
Thou'rt Gone
"Thrown on the World"
To Hate
To My Cigar
To My Daughter, On Her Fifteenth Birthday
To My Love
To My Sister in California
To The Baby
To Whom It May Concern
Total Depravity
The Tramp's Story
The Tramp
Tribute to Woman
The True Gentleman
The True Missionaries
True Nobility
Try Him Once More
Twilight Musings
The Two Angels
The Two Sleepers
The Tyrant King
Uncle William
Under the Daisies
The Unseen Destroyer
Up and Down
A Vain Search
A Valentine
Vivian Vane
Voices In The Air
The Wail of the Betrayed
A Wanderer's Prayer
Waste Not Thy Life
Water vs. Whisky
We Cannot Help The Dead
We Must Love Something
We Must Ne'er Meet Again
The Welcome Home
What Are The Sad Waves Saying?
What Is And What May Be
What Is Life?
What Is Murder?
What Robin Said
What Shall I Bring Thee?
The Wheel of Time
When Flowers Their Incense Breathe At Even
When Friends Prove False
The White Terror; or, The Scourge of the Settlement. A Tale of New York and Texas
Who Knows?
Who Shall Decide But God?
Why Do I Love Him?
Why Not Forgive Him?
Why Sit Ye Here?
The Wife's Appeal
Wild Nell the Spy; or, The Foundlings of the Forest. A Romance of the Revolutionary War
Will You Love Me The Same?
Willie Grey's Trials
The Willow
Winter in the Heart
A Woman's Resolution
A Word In Anger Spoken
Words on the Sand
"Worth Makes the Man"
The Wound May Be Healed, But The Scar Will Remain
Write To Me Very Often
Yankee Luke and Irish Luke; or, Small Boys with Big Hearts
You Ask Why I Love Thee
You Bid Me Sing and Smile Again
You Speak An Untruth
You Tell Me That My Love Will Fly
You'll Weep When I Am Dead
You're Going Wrong

Street & Smith's Literary Album

Willful Estelle; or, The wife's revenge