The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Marsh, Richard

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Items with "Marsh, Richard" as Credited Author

The Ape and the Diamond (3 editions)
A Case of Identity; or, The Call of the Heart (5 editions)
The Dagger of Fate (1 edition)
The Goddess--A Demon; or, The Bride of Mystery (3 editions)
In Full Cry (3 editions)
In the Service of Love; or, The Man They Could Not Stop (2 editions)
The Joss (1 edition)
Mrs. Musgrave - and Her Husband (1 edition)
Philip Bennion's Death (3 editions)
A Plunge into the Unknown (1 edition)
A Strange Wooing; or, Her Father's Secret (3 editions)
The Whistle of Fate; or, Love, the Victor (2 editions)