The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stoddard, Henry B., Major

Pseudonym For: Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904

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Items with "Stoddard, Henry B., Major" as Author

Beadle's Boys Library of Sport, Story and Adventure (Ivers)

4. Lillie, the Reckless Rider; or, The Wild Hunter's Secret

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

306. Neck-tie Ned, the lariat-thrower, or, The dug-out pards
346. Rapier Raphael, or, The swordsmen of Zacatecas
391. Kid-Glove Kit, or, Dainty Danford's vow
398. Kid Glove Kit and pard, or, The gold king of Weird Canyon
406. The mad man hunter, or, Mystery of Golden Gulch
505. Powell's pard, or, The one-armed giant