The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Crowell, Mary Reed, Mrs., 1847-1934

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Items with "Crowell, Mary Reed, Mrs., 1847-1934" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

All for a Bathing-Suit
Almost Wrecked
Aunt Becky's Bank
Beulah's Experience
A Blue Tissue Vail
A Change of Base
Cupid and Cream-cake
Dr. Harrison's Investment
Her Duty
Her New Year's Call
Her One Jealousy
Her Willfulness
His Jealousy
How Becky Got the Letter
How It Was Righted
A Husband's Vengeance
In the Rose-Walk
Miss Langworthy's Maid
Not So Bad After All
Old Wilmington's Money
Only a Mechanic
Rosie's Vacation
Ten Tons of Coal
A Traveling Acquaintance
Two Augusts
Two Faces
The Two Thanksgivings
The Counterfeit Son; or The Enemy in the Dark
The Voices of the Rain
A Woman's Vengeance

Belles and Beaux

The Gray Shadow
Jealousy; or, For Pride's Sake
Left to Chance

Cheap Edition of Popular Authors

14. Vials of Wrath; or, The Grave Between Them

Fireside Library of Popular Reading

Was She His Wife?
Did She Sin? or, Man's Desperate Game, A Romance of a Young Wife's Fight with Fate
Drifting to Ruin; or, The Mills of the Gods
For Honor's Sake; or, The Disowned Bride
In Mortal Peril; or, A Harvest of Curses, A Romance of Three Fair Women
Mrs. Jocelyn's King Lear
Sowing the Wind
Two Girls' Lives
Vials of Wrath

The Saturday Journal

"A Beautiful Icicle"
"As By Fire"
"Berries, All Ripe!"
"Diamond or Paste"
"Diamonds or Hearts"
"Miss Emerson's Suitor"
"Miss Melville"
"Mr. Dick's" Loves
"Whose Was the Sin?"
Addie's Lover
Adele's Mouchoir-holder
After All
Alexia's Oath
Alice King's Inheritance
All for a Button
All For A Valentine
Allaire's Wife
Almost Guilty
Almost Wrecked
Answer for Answer
Antoinette's Curl
At Last!
At St. Mark's
Aunt Becky's Bank
Aunt Comfort's Joke
Auntie Belle's Way
Avise's Story
A Bachelor's Advice
A Bachelor's Romance
A Ball-Room's Lesson
Barbara's Fate; or, A Bride, But Not A Wife
A Beautiful Icicle
Bel's Mistake
The Belle's Revenge
Bertha's Mercy
The Best of the Bargain
Bianca; or, The Scar On My Neck
The Bitterest Cup of All
Blanche Berwyn's Deceit
Blanche's Beauty
Blanche's Husband
The Blush Rosebud
The Bread Upon the Waters
Broken Idols
Cameron's Wife
Captain Arnott's Flirtation
Caught in Silken Toils
Cecil's Fate
Cecile's Sandal-wood Fan
Cecile's Two New Years'
Celia's Misfortune
A Centennial Tea-Party
Choosing a Husband
Christie's Bravery
Christine's Stylish Lover
A Christmas Present
Clarence Cressinton's Shirts
Claudia Merle's Vow
Cliff Russell's Success
Clouded in Mystery; or, The Enemy Between Them
Clyde Clifford's Azaleas
A Conquest by Strategy
Cora Chester's Geni, A Receipt for Ugly Girls
Cora's Blue Dress
Cora's Failure
Cora's Ideal
Cora's Revengeful Lover
Cora's Wedding Journey
The Coral Star
Coral's Rich Lover
A Country Girl's Experience
The Crimson Mask
Crystal's Love
A Culinary Wife
Cupid and House-Cleaning
Cupid at a Farm-house
Daisy May's Love Story
Daisy's Little Mistake
Darrel's Reward
Davenport's Mistake
Dell's Masquerade
The Dellorme Estate
The Diamond Cross
Diamonds or Hearts?
Dick's Stinginess
Did she Change her Mind?
Did She Do Right?
Did She Sin? or, Man's Desperate Game, A Romance of a Young Wife's Fight with Fate
A Diplomatic Failure
Dora, the Seamstress
A Double Mistake
Dr. Sydney St. John
Drifting to Ruin; or, The Mills of the Gods
Easter Lilies
The Ebon Mask; or, The Mysterious Guardian
Edith's Salvation
Edna's Love Story
Edna's Opal Set
Elsie's Christmas Present
The Emerald Necklace
The Enamel Locket
The End of Her Dream
An Episode from Life
Erme's Fortune
Erring, But True
Estelle's Wedding Present
Ethel's Blunder
Ethelind's Hate
Ethelynde's Trade
Evelyn's Harvest
Exorcizing a Ghost
An Expensive Jest
An Expensive Lesson
The Face Beneath the Pillow
The Fair Conspirators
A Fair Fiend
Fair Means, or Foul?
The Family at Song Hollow, A Story Told
The Fatal Witness
The Fickle Heart; or, John Fairfax's Romance
Fighting With Himself
A First of May Romance
Florence's Reward
Flying from Fate
The Footprint in the Snow
For Duty's Sake
For Honor's Sake; or, The Disowned Bride
For Love of Him
For Ten Dollars
Found Wanting
Fred's Blunder
A Game Two Can Play
Georgie's Garnet
Georgie's Romance
Geraldine's Husband
Gertrude's Contretemps
The Gift She Kept
The Gipsy Wife; or, Through the Fire
A Good Ghost
A Good Investment
Grace Hadley's Decision
Gracie's Ghost
Grandma's Way
A Great Mistake
The Guard Over the Wedding-Ring
Gus Walton's Test
Gussie's Happy Escape
Gussie's Repentance
Half a Yard of Alpaca
The Havoc She Wrought
Healing a Heart
A Heart Unvailed
Helen's Secret
Helen's Wedding Present
Her Awful Danger; Back From The Grave
Her Bridal Day
Her Brief Idyl
Her Country Cousin
Her Danger?
Her Fairy Tale
Her Grand Success
Her Little Mistake
Her Long Branch Trip
Her New Year's Call
Her Prophecy
Her Summer Boarder
Her Woman's Privilege
Her Woman's Wit
Her Wrong-Doing
His Disenchantment
His Fortune
His Friendliness
His Just Deserts
His Luck
His Only Chance
His Own Fate
His Promise
His Punishment
His Two Loves
An Hour's Masquerade
How a Love-Dream Ended
How Ethelyn Was Outgeneraled
How He Came to Propose
How He Married For Money
How he was Checkmated
How He Was Cured
How it Came Home to Her
How It Was Decided
How Jack Won a Wife, The Romance of a Sleigh-Ride
How She Came to Have Him
How She Didn't Succeed
How She Humiliated Him
How She Kept Her Word
How She Lost Her Lover
How She Made Her Fortune
How She Proposed
How She Proposed; or, What Came of a Leap Year Party
How She Thwarted Them
How She Waited
How She Went Summering
How She Went to Newport
How She Willed It
How She Won Her
How Their Happiness Came
How They Went Home
How Two Women Waited
Ianthe's Riches
Ida Searle's Fortune
Ida's Wedding-Dress
The Imprisoned Bride, A Christmas Tragedy
In Love with a Photograph
In Mortal Peril; or, A Harvest of Curses, A Romance of Three Fair Women
In Spite of Himself
Inez's Story
Instead of Dressmaking
Irene's Idyl
Iris Clifton's Pearls
Iris Grey's Love Story
Isoline, A Venetian Tale
Iva's Bridegroom
A Jealous Woman's Work
Jessie's Test
Jocelyne's Engagements
Josie's Jealousy
The Joy of His Life
A Just Retribution
Just Saved, A Story of a Woman's Hate
Just to Please Grandpa!
Justice or Injustice?
Katie's Lover
King Cophetua
Lesley's Little Plan
The Lesson He Learned
Lester's Love
Lettie Ridgeway's Romance
Like Cures Like
Lilac's Husband
Lillian's Lace Vail
Linda's Discovery
A Little Episode
A Little Game
Little Lilian's Venture
A Little Piece of Strategy
Little Queen Bess
A Long Lesson
Lost Love
Louie's Story
Love Against Lucre
Love and Leap-Year
Love in the Farm-house
Love or Duty? or, Bertha Irving's Decision
A Love Story
Love Through Tears
Love's Compensations
Love's Ruse
Love's Sweet Revenge
Love-Blind; or, Was She Guilty?
Lu's Masquerade
Lucky for Somebody
A Lucky Sneeze
Mabel's Match
Mac's Bride
Madge's Fate
Maggie's Lover
A Man's Blunder
A Man's Forgiveness
A Man's Method
A Man's Obstinacy
A Man's Way
Managing a Widower
Married for Money
Married To Order
The Mask Unmasked, A Hint to Young Men
Maud's Ambition
Maud's Easter Lilies
May's Engagement Ring
Mine or Thine?
A Ministerial Romance
Minnie's Reason Why
Miriam's Story
Miss Anstruther's King
Miss Bellblossom's Affair
A Model Mother-in-Law
A Month's Wages
Mordaunt's Bride
Mother Sargent's New Hired Girl
A Mother's Humiliation
A Mother's Reward
A Moving Tale, of the First of May
Mr. Bessemer's Lesson
Mr. Lexington's Summer Trip
Mrs. Darrow's Admirer
Mrs. Leslie's Stepdaughter
Mrs. Ruslington's Defeat
Mrs. Senior's New Year's Gift
A Murdered Soul
My Jealousy
A New Year Story
The Next Summer
Nugent Thorncreste's Luck
Oath-Bound; or, The Masked Bride
Old Mr. Etheridge's Wife
On Condition
On the Breakers; or, The Shadow of a Lie
On the Brink; or, Addie's Trip to Long Branch
One Fellow's Blunder
One Literary Venture
One Man's Story
One New Year's Day
One of Life's Histories
One Way of Keeping House
One Woman's Career
One Woman's Experience
One Woman's Faith
One Woman's Understanding
One Woman's Work
Only "An Assistant"
Only a Brother-in-Law
Only a Love Story
Only a Mechanic
Only a Story Writer
A Pair of Gold Bracelets
Pearls and Plumstones
The Pink Rosebuds
Piqued Into Love
Playing for High Stakes
Poor Nina
The Price of a Bell Dress
The Price of a Discovery
The Price of a Pair of Boots
A Prophecy
A Quiet Tragedy
Quite a Dilemma
Redeeming Herself
The Rejected Pearl
Renie's Love Story
Rich Elsington's Folly
Rich or Poor?
Righting a Wrong
The Romance of a Man's Life
The Romance of a Night
The Romance of Blue Court Hall
Rosamond's Wedding
Roy's Sister
A Ruse de Guerre
The Same Old Story
Sardis' Bride
Saved to Curse
Seeing and Believing
Served Him Right!
The Shadowed Heart; or, The Ill-Starred Marriage
Sixteen and Forty; or, Who Was Caught?
A Slight Change of Programme
A Slight Difference
The Soprano Substitute
Sowing Dragon's Teeth
Sowing the Wind; or, The Price She Paid
The Spider and the Fly, A Story with a Moral for Young Girls
The Spirit Guide
St. Denis Place
St. Ermine's Wager
Stealing a Heart
The Story of "Jack"
The Story of a Flirtation
The Story of a Lace Dress
The Story of a Star
A Summer's Episode
A Surprise That Didn't Work
Testing a Heart
A Thanksgiving Romance
That "Dolly Varden"
Their Two Mothers
Theo's Christmas
Three Summer-Times
Through Fierce Fires
Too Suspicious By Half
Toying with a Man's Heart
Two December Nights
Two Girls' Lives; or, Strangely-Crossed Paths
Two Sides of a Story
Two Sides of the Wreck
The Two Thanksgivings
Two Women's Faces
Una's Escapade
Uncle Ab's "Mission"
Uncle Abner's Wisdom
Uncle Phil
Under the Upas; or, The Enemy in the Dark
The Velvet-Headed Crutch
The Ventilator!
A Very Natural Mistake
Vials of Wrath; or, The Grave Between Them
Violet's Conscientiousness
Viva's Diamond
Viva's Life
Vivian's Mistake
The Voices of the Rain
Was it a Curse?
Was it a Mystery
Was it a Warning?
Was it Fate?
Was It Not Best?
Was It Sin?
Was it Unmaidenly?
Was She Too Bold? A Romance of St. Valentine's Day
What a Stamp Bought
What came of a Snow-Storm
What He Sacrificed
What Her Spring Hat Cost
What Lily Accepted
What Lora's Sin Wrought
What She Was
What Thanksgiving Brought Jessie
What the "Journal" Did
What Was in a Name
Which Are You?
The White Suisse Dress
Who Had the Best of It?
Who Ruined Him?
Who was Sold?
Who Was to Blame?
Who Wrought the Havoc?
Whose Was the Defeat?
Whose was the Sacrifice?
Why He Condemned Her
Why He Didn't Succeed
Why He Resigned Her
Why I Never Married
Why She Changed Her Mind
Why She Didn't Marry Him
Why She Never Danced
A Wife's Cure
The Wife's Error
The Winged Messenger; or, Risking All For A Heart
Without a Name; or, In Sackcloth and Ashes
The Woman He Loved
A Woman's Forgiveness
A Woman's Guilt
A Woman's Love
A Woman's Mercy
A Woman's Wiles
Won in Spite of Herself
The Wrong Man
Wrought by a Woman

Waverley Library (Ivers)

1. A Bride of a Day; or, The Mystery of Winifred Leigh. A Poor Girl's History
5. Will She Marry Him? or, The Masked Bride
9. A Daughter of Eve; or, Blinded by Love
16. Sister Against Sister; or, The Rivalry of Hearts

Waverley Library (Octavo edition)

1. A Bride of a Day; or, The Mystery of Winifred Leigh. A Poor Girl's History
5. Will She Marry Him? or, The Masked Bride
9. A Daughter of Eve; or, Blinded by Love
17. Sister Against Sister; or, The Rivalry of Hearts
26. His Idol; or, The Ill-Starred Marriage
37. The Winged Messenger; or, Risking All For A Heart
44. The Ebon Mask; or, The Mysterious Guardian

Waverley Library (Quarto edition)

1. The Masked Bride; or, Will She Marry Him?
7. A Daughter of Eve; or, Blinded by Love
18. His Idol; or, The Ill-Starred Marriage
52. The Winged Messenger; or, Risking All For A Heart
58. The Ebon Mask; or, The Mysterious Guardian
131. Sister Against Sister; or, The Rivalry of Hearts
136. Was She His Wife?
145. Two Girls' Lives
153. Did She Sin? or, Man's Desperate Game, A Romance of a Young Wife's Fight with Fate