The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Thorpe, Fred

Pseudonym For: Stearns, Frederick A., Jr.

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Items with "Thorpe, Fred" as Credited Author

Bound to Win Library

2. Blind Luck; or, Burt Parton's Bravery

Brave and Bold

1. One Boy in a Thousand; or, Yankee to the Backbone
5. The Spotted Six; or, The Mystery of Calvert Hathaway
113. Ben Folsom's courage; or, How pluck won out
280. The round-the-world boys

Golden Hours

Blind Luck; or, Burt Parton's Bravery

Old Cap. Collier Library

800. On his mettle; or, The Marbleville mystery
802. The Marbleville Mystery Solved; or, Brought to Justice

The Up-to-Date Boys' Library

10. Dick Derby's Double; or, The Boy Kings of Nirwana Island
12. Harry Hurlburt's Destiny
14. Poor Paddy
16. Paddy's Triumph
18. Hank, the Hustler; or, A Brave Boy's Battle for Bread
20. The Young Hustler's Reward; or, How Hank Won the Battle
22. One Boy in a Thousand; or, Yankee to the Backbone
24. A Plucky Yankee Boy
26. Barred Out; or, A Race Across the Continent
28. Across the Continent; or, The Result of a Queer Race
30. Chris, the Comedian; or, What Was He Good For?
32. On and Off the Stage; or, The Adventures of a Boy Actor
34. A Son of the Soil; or, The Young Diamond King of Shadow Island
36. The Cave of Diamonds; or, Jack Gilman's Revenge
38. Fighting for a Name; or, The Mystery of a Photograph
40. Walter Goodall's Triumph; or, The Mystery of the Photograph Solved