The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Bowles, Andre

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Items with "Bowles, Andre" as Credited Illustrator

The Chicago Ledger

"Little Maurice"
The Autumn Queen
Between Siren and Saint. Story of a Secret Marriage--In Fate's Tangling Cords--A Double Love and a Single Fate
Bitterly Wronged; Or, Lured To The Footlights
Brought to Bay. An Innocent and Hunted Man Turns Pursuer--For Love of a Mountain Lass--A Strange Climax
By Whose Hand?
An Easter Bonnet
The Flaming Spectacles
For His People
Getting Something on Blaisdale
The Girl Who Danced with Washington
A Man Without A Soul. Wonderful Discovery of Professor Satannas--The Remarkable Case of Abel Gray and the Weird Creation of Wesley Peabody
On Black Hawk's Trail
The One Most Worthy
The Second Deluge; Or, A Story of Heaven and Earth
Slant-Eyed Foes; or, Yellow Peril Coils
The Treasure Logs
The Valley of Gold; or, For the Honor of the Dead
The Wizard of the Waves; Or, The Black Flag Privateer
The Young Invincibles; Or, The Boy Patriots of '61