The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kingsley, Charlotte May

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Items with "Kingsley, Charlotte May" as Credited Author

Eagle Library

571. Two Wild Girls
785. Lady Gay's Martyrdom
808. The Serpent and the Dove
827. At Arms With Fate
838. Love Surely Triumphs
845. For Her Husband's Love
851. From Dreams to Waking
861. The Love Knot
869. With Heart Bowed Down
875. Shall We Forgive Her?
883. Love's Keen Eyes
891. Alone With Her Sorrow
900. A Question of Honor
911. A Little Impostor
938. Love's Cruelest Blow
1018. Two Wild Girls
1143. Love Surely Triumphs
1154. A Vagabond Heiress
1162. The Serpent and the Dove
1184. Lady Gay's Martyrdom
1191. The Love Knot
1202. From Dreams to Waking
1225. Shall We Forgive Her?
1232. Alone With Her Sorrow
1239. A Question of Honor
1253. A Little Impostor
1260. Love's Keen Eyes
1272. With Heart Bowed Down
1307. Love's Cruelest Blow
1340. Two Wild Girls

Love Story Library

102. A Vagabond Heiress