The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Sims, A. K., 1854-1936

Pseudonym For: Whitson, John Harvey, 1854-1936

"Lieut. A. K. Sims" was one of the pseudonyms of John H. Whitson.

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Items with "Sims, A. K., 1854-1936" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

The Face in the Earth
The Georgians' Yell
In the Big Horn Range; or, The Game-Trails of the Northwest
A Mother's Heroism
Running Before an Avalanche
The Wind Spirit

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

Marmaduke, the mustanger detective, or, The great mix-up at Crescent Butte
546. Captain Cactus, the chaparral cock, or, Josh Peppermint's ten strike
568. The dandy of Dodge, or, Rustling for millions
576. The silver sport, or, Josh Peppermint's jubilee
583. Saffron Sol, the man with a shadow, or, The tigers of No Man's Land
589. Tom Cat and pard, or, The dead-set at Silver City
601. Happy Hans, the Dutch Vidocq, or, Red-hot times at Round-Up
611. Bildad Barnacle, the detective Hercules, or, The tussle at Table Mountain
622. Texas Tom-Cat's triad, or, The queer affair at Tombstone
631. Tom Cat's terrible task, or, The cowboy detective's own case
638. Tom-cat's triumph, or, Black Ivan's great combine
646. Cowboy Gid, the cattle-range detective, or, The grand corral at Cross-Notch
657. Warbling William, the mountain mountebank, or, The singing detective and his boy second
665. Jolly Jeremiah, the plains detective, or, Warbling William's home run
676. Signal Sam, the lookout scout, or, The tussle at the big bonanza
689. Billy, the gipsy spy, or, Working out the mystery of two lives
699. Simple Sim, the broncho buster, or, Playing the fool for big stakes
712. The mesmerist sport, or, The mystified detective
733. Toltec Tom, the mad prospector, or, Unearthing the Cavern League
745. Kansas Jim, the cross-cut detective, or, The raiders of the range
773. The rustler of Rolling Stone, or, The opposition boom at Lucky Ledge
785. Lone Hand Joe, the committee of one, or, The spook steed of the Stone Corral
801. Kent Kirby, the high kicker from Killbuck, or, The roster of Rogue River Ranch
832. The doctor detective in Texas, or, Jack Karbun and the cowboys
872. Two showmen detectives in Colorado, or, Peter Parmlee, the vagabond tramp
937. The Texan firebrand, or, Brazos Billy's snap-shot
961. The tramp's trump-trick, or, The young Monte Cristo

Beadle's New York Dime Library

528. Huckleberry the foot hills detective, or, The rival ranchmen
552. Prince Primrose, the flower of the flock, or, The grand coup at Paradise Gulch
618. Kansas Karl, the detective king, or, The sphinx of Leadville
666. Old Adamant the man of Rock, or, The Hummer from Hummingbird
673. Stuttering Sam, the whitest sport of Santa Fe, or, How the Hummer from Hummingbird feathered his nest
688. The river rustlers, or, The detective from 'Way-Back
695. Singer Sam, the pilgrim detective, or, Behind masked batteries
709. Lodestone Lem, the champion of Chestnut Burr, or, The Alcatraz millions
723. Teamster Tom the boomer detective, or, The swefpstake at Shoshone
758. The wizard king detective, or, The sharper duke in Utah
776. Chicago Charlie, the Columbian detective, or, The hawks of the Lakeside league
786. Chicago Charlie's diamond dash, or, Trapping the tunnel thieves
804. The king-pin of the Leadville Lions, or, Hepburn, the dude detective from London
832. Gid Gale's block game, or, Old Silvertip's tie-up at Tangled Pine
843. The Crescent City sport, or, Gabe Ganderfoot's Mississippi man-hunt
860. The spangled sport shadower, or, Lariat Bill's swing at Santa Fe
873. The sport detective's Colorado clew, or, The high rollers of Silverton
887. The Texan detective, or, The stranger sport from Spokane
897. The six-shot spotter, or, Babylon Bill, the high-roller from Brimstone Bar
914. Snowflake Sam's double, or, The ranch rope-king