The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Sims, A. K., 1854-1936

Pseudonym For: Whitson, John Harvey, 1854-1936

"Lieut. A. K. Sims" was one of the pseudonyms of John H. Whitson.

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Items with "Sims, A. K., 1854-1936" as Cited Author

The Aldine Boys' First-Rate Pocket Library

245. Mr. Josh Peppermint's Jubilee; or, The Silver Sport

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

576. The Silver Sport; or, Josh Peppermint's Jubilee

Items with "Sims, A. K., 1854-1936" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

The Face in the Earth
The Georgians' Yell
In the Big Horn Range; or, The Game-Trails of the Northwest
A Mother's Heroism. A Story of the Nez Perce Outbreak
Running Before an Avalanche
The Wind Spirit

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

Marmaduke, the Mustanger Detective; or, The Great Mix-Up at Crescent Butte. A Romance of the Wind River Range
546. Captain Cactus, the Chaparral Cock; or, Josh Peppermint's Ten Strike
568. The Dandy of Dodge; or, Rustling for Millions
576. The Silver Sport; or, Josh Peppermint's Jubilee
583. Saffron Sol, the Man with a Shadow; or, The Tigers of No Man's Land
589. Tom Cat and Pard; or, The Dead-Set at Silver City
601. Happy Hans, the Dutch Vidocq; or, Red-Hot Times at Roundup
611. Bildad Barnacle, the Detective Hercules; or, The Tussle at Table Mountain
622. Texas Tom-Cat's Triad; or, The Queer Affair at Tombstone
631. Tom Cat's Terrible Task, or, The Cowboy Detective's Own Case. A Romance of Black Ivan's League
638. Tom Cat's Triumph; or, Black Ivan's Great Combine
646. Cowboy Gid, the Cattle-Range Detective; or, The Grand Corral at Cross-Notch. A Romance of the Yellowstone
657. Warbling William, the Mountain Mountebank; or, The Singing Detective and his Boy Second
665. Jolly Jeremiah, the Plains Detective; or, Warbling William's Home Run
676. Signal Sam, the Lookout Scout; or, The Tussel at the Big Bonanza. A Romance of the San Juan Silver Region
689. Billy, the Gypsy Spy; or, Working out the Mystery of Two Lives. A Story of Signal Sam's Protégé
699. Simple Sim, the Broncho Buster; or, Playing the Fool for Big Stakes. A Romance of the Río Grande Ranches
712. The Mesmerist Sport; or, The Mystified Detective. A Strange Romance of the Mines
733. Toltec Tom, the Mad Prospector; or, Unearthing the Cavern League. Romance of the Loco Island Mystery
745. Kansas Jim, the Cross-Cut Detective; or, The Raiders of the Range
773. The Rustler of Rolling Stone; or, The Opposition Boom at Luck Ledge. A Romance of the Great Grizzly Bear Strike
785. Lone Hand Joe, the Committee of One; or, The Spook Steed of the Stone Corral. A Romance of the Raided Ranches
801. Kent Kirby, the High Kicker from Killbuck; or, The Roster of Rogue River Ranch. The Romance of a Range Mystery
832. The Doctor Detective in Texas; or, Jack Karbun and the Cowboys. A Romance of the Mystery of the Golden Coffin
872. Two Showmen Detectives in Colorado; or, Pete Parmelee, the Vagabond Tramp
937. The Texan Firebrand; or, Brazo Billy's Snap-Shot
961. The Tramp's Trump-Trick; or, The Young Monte Cristo

Beadle's New York Dime Library

528. Huckleberry, the Foot-Hills Detective; or, The Rival Ranchmen. A Romance of the Great Colorado Ranges
552. Prince Primrose, the Flower of the Flock; or, The Grand Coup at Paradise Gulch. A Romance of Silverland
618. Kansas Karl, the Detective King; or, The Sphinx of Leadville
666. Old Adamant, the Man of Rock; or, The Hummer from Hummingbird
673. Stuttering Sam, the Whitest Sport of Santa Fe; or, How the Hummer from Hummingbird Feathered his Nest
688. The River Rustlers; or, The Detective from 'Way-Back. A Romance of Ranch, Range and Revolution
695. Singer Sam, the Pilgrim Detective; or, Behind Masked Batteries
709. Loadstone Lem, the Champion of Chestnut Burr; or, The Alcatraz Millions. A Romance of Nevada
723. Teamster Tom, the Boomer Detective; or, The Sweepstake at Shoshone. A Romance of the Black Hills Region
758. The Wizard King Detective; or, The Sharper Duke in Utah
776. Chicago Charlie, the Columbian Detective; or, The Hawks of the Lakeside League. A Story of the World's Fair
786. Chicago Charlie's Diamond Dash; or, Trapping the Tunnel Thieves. A Story of the White City
804. The King-Pin of the Leadville Lions; or, Hepburn, the Dude Detective from London
832. Gid Gale's Block Game; or, Old Silvertip's Tie-Up at Tangled Pine
843. The Crescent City Sport; or, Gabe Ganderfoot's Mississippi Man-Hunt
860. The Spangled Sport Shadower; or, Lariat Bill's Swing at Santa Fe. A Story of Roping-in the Road-Agents
873. The Sport Detective's Colorado Clue; or, The High Rollers of Silverton
887. The Texan Detective; or, The Stranger Sport from Spokane
897. The Six-Foot Spotter; or, Babylon Bill, the High-Roller from Brimstone Bar
914. Snowflake Sam's Double; or, The Ranch Rope-King. A Romance of Arizona

Brave and Bold

133. Simple Sim, the broncho buster; or, Playing for big stakes
145. Marmaduke, the mustanger; or, The mysteries of Crescent Butte
154. Happy Hans; or, The adventures of a Dutch tracker
171. Double Bar Ranch; or, The man from Kansas
179. Warbling William; or, The singing detective of Rocket Range