The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Robinson, Adelaide Fox

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Items with "Robinson, Adelaide Fox" as Credited Author

Eagle Library

769. Love's Harvest
787. A Bartered Soul
801. Love is a Mystery
809. Through the Shadows
817. When Fate Decrees
825. The Hearts of the Mighty
836. Love Given in Vain
846. The Fatal Rose
856. Loved in Vain
879. Life's Richest Jewel; or, A Girl in a Million
907. Hope's Winding Path
918. All in Vain
927. After She Promised
937. If She Had Dared
949. Forever Lost
993. Love Without End
1013. Her Motor Hero
1139. Love's Harvest
1147. Love Given in Vain
1170. When Fate Decrees
1193. Life's Richest Jewel; or, A Girl in a Million
1206. Love is a Mystery
1219. Through the Shadows
1246. After She Promised
1256. The Fatal Rose
1261. The Hearts of the Mighty
1276. A Bartered Soul
1280. Loved in Vain
1283. All in Vain
1288. Hope's Winding Path
1299. If She Had Dared
1311. Forever Lost
1322. Love Without End
1356. Her Motor Hero

Love Story Library

93. Love's Harvest
101. Love Given in Vain