The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Drayton, Lillian R.

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Items with "Drayton, Lillian R." as Credited Author

Eagle Library

702. The Stronger Passion
727. His Willing Slave
763. The Other Girl's Lover
780. The Love He Sought
796. The Cost of Pride
833. Her Life's Dark Cloud
848. Just An Angel
859. A Wife Yet No Wife
881. Face to Face with Love
889. Bound By Gratitude
898. Wedded for Wealth
908. The Wine of Love
919. When the Heart Sings
957. In a Vixen's Trap
980. Loved in Error
994. What She Lived For
1008. Her Own True Love
1058. The Stronger Passion
1075. His Willing Slave
1128. Her Life's Dark Cloud
1141. The Love He Sought
1203. Sweet Kitty Clover
1210. The Other Girl's Lover
1226. Face to Face with Love
1230. Wedded for Wealth
1235. Bound By Gratitude
1242. A Wife Yet No Wife
1255. The Wine of Love
1265. Just An Angel
1293. Loved in Error
1300. When the Heart Sings
1313. In a Vixen's Trap
1327. What She Lived For
1344. Her Own True Love

Love Story Library

110. The Stronger Passion
114. His Willing Slave