The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hungerford, James, 1814-1883

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Items with "Hungerford, James, 1814-1883" as Author

The Banner Weekly

Faith In Love
The Gem
Light In Darkness

Beadle's Dime Novels

112. The Falcon Rover

Beadle's New Dime Novels

110. The Falcon Rover

The Saturday Journal

A Ballad
A Heart-Echo
A Paragon, Sonnet-Acrostic
Able To Pay
An Eden Glimpse, Acrostic Sonnet
Bonnie Belle, Ballad
Elaine, An Idyl of Druid-Hill Park
Evangel, An Idyl of Lafayette Square
Fading Beauty
Faith In Love
Fancy-Free, Acrostic Sonnet
The Gem
Good And Evil
Guileless, Acrostic Sonnet
High-Toned, Acrostic, In Terza Ryma
Hope, Earthly and Heavenly
Ilsinore, A Fancy
Jennie, Lee and I, A Ballad of Druid Hill Park
The Joy of Earth
Light In Darkness
Lovely Trio
Morning Symbols
Our Bible Class
Patterson Park
Pendelice, A Love Idyl
Sensitiveness, Acrostic-Sonnet
Sunset On The Patuxent River, A Sonnet in Terza Rima
Sweet Dreams Of Thee (Ballad)
Sweet Genevieve
Sweet Isabel (A Ballad)
The Sword Drawn
Truth in Love
Truth Resistless
Where Oberon Dwells, A Spring Ditty
The Whirlwind
With The Beautiful, Sonnet-Acrostic
Young Maidenhood, Written in an Album