The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Ellet, E. F. (Elizabeth Fries), 1818-1877

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Items with "Ellet, E. F. (Elizabeth Fries), 1818-1877" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Gideon Drake's Double Deal; or, The Triple Conspiracy, A Romance of High Life and Low in New York City
The California Circe; or, the Serpents' Trail

New York Weekly

Laura Wilford; or, The ejectment suit

The Saturday Journal

Alida Barrett, The Sewing Girl; or, The Door in the Heart
The Beautiful Forger; or, The Adventures of a Young Girl
Lady Helen's Vow; or, The Mother's Secret, A Romance of Love and Honor
Love in a Maze; or, The Debutante's Disenchantment
Madeleine's Marriage; or, The Heir of Broadhurst
Typical Women: "Fanny Fern"
Typical Women: Anna Cora Ritchie
Typical Women: Anna Dickinson
Typical Women: Catherine, Empress of Russia
Typical Women: Florence Nightingale
Typical Women: Frances Anne Kemble
Typical Women: Grace Greenwood
Typical Women: Isabella of Castile
Typical Women: Jenny Lind
Typical Women: Jessie Benton Fremont
Typical Women: Maria Theresa, of Austria
Typical Women: Mrs. John Jay
Typical Women: Myra Clark Gaines
Typical Women: Rosa Vertner Jeffrey

Waverley Library (quarto edition)

159. Lady Helen's vow, or, The mother's secret