The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Dixon, Helena

Pseudonym: Story, Adelaide E.

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Items with "Dixon, Helena" as Cited Author

New York Weekly

The Sister's Crime; or, The Printer's Plot

Items with "Dixon, Helena" as Credited Author

The Chicago Ledger

What a Flock of Geese Did

New York Weekly

"Already Engaged"
Aunt Dorothy's Matchmaking
Aunt Peggy's Help
Bachelor Brown's Troubles
Carletta's Grief
Charity's Greens
A Christmas Sketch: The Wanderer's Return; or, Christmas at Chestnut Ridge
The Drunkard's Child
Ermina's Ring
Gideon Marshall's Hens
How He Became A Murderer
Jonathan's "Fourth"
The Lost Shilling
Maggie, the miller's daughter
Miss Penelope's Journey
Mr. Pilcher's Velocipede Experience
Mrs. Plumstead's Dream
Neighbors, And Yet Not Neighbors
Newspaper Horrors
An Old Lady's Literary Efforts
Outwitting a Miser
The Red-Headed Burglar
The Snoring Ghost
Theresa's Mistake
Working for his Dinner

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

The Red-Headed Burglar