The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Dixon, Helena

Pseudonym: Story, Adelaide E.

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Items with "Dixon, Helena" as Cited Author

New York Weekly

The Sister's Crime; or, The Printer's Plot

Items with "Dixon, Helena" as Credited Author

The Chicago Ledger

What a Flock of Geese Did

New York Weekly

Advertising for a Wife
"Already Engaged"
Arrested for Bigamy
Aunt Dorothy's Matchmaking
Aunt Peggy's Help
Bachelor Brown's Troubles
The Bashful Lover
Benny's Prayer: A Story for Children
Carletta's Grief
The Cat in the Garret
Charity's Greens
A Christmas Sketch: The Wanderer's Return; or, Christmas at Chestnut Ridge
Coral and Amber
The Deacon's Purchase
A Delayed Bridal Tour
Delia's City Lover
The Drunkard's Child
Ermina's Ring
A False Accusation
Gideon Marshall's Hens
Grandfather Nye
Harold Scott's Bride
Harry Grey's Adventure
How He Became A Murderer
How to Read the Bible
The Ill-Fated Indian Lovers
John Noland's Speculations
John's Mother-In-Law
Jonathan's "Fourth"
The Lost Shilling
Louisa's Silver Wedding
Maggie, the Miller's Daughter
Miss Parley's "Help"
Miss Penelope's Journey
Mr. Kimball's Resolution
Mr. Pilcher's Velocipede Experience
Mrs. Plumstead's Dream
Neighbors, And Yet Not Neighbors
Newspaper Horrors
An Odd Courtship
An Old Lady's Literary Efforts
One Year After Death; or, The Baron's Scheme
Outwitting a Father
Outwitting a Miser
Paul Russell's Wife
Peter Punch's Heroism
The Red-Headed Burglar
She Married for Wealth
The Snoring Ghost
The Stolen Melons: A Story for Boys
Theresa's Mistake
Tragedy at Eagle Rock
The Travelers. An Allegory
Uncaged Animals
What a Flock of Geese Did
Widow Marble's Umbrella
Working for his Dinner

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

The Red-Headed Burglar

Street & Smith's Literary Album

Quilting papers